Most people think Harold's theme song is "White and Nerdy" - I disagree.

I was listening to Character Theme Songs and I got to Tyler, "Eye of the Tiger." My definition of the song is about a guy who hit bottom, but he's still surviving. I guess the person picked it for Tyler because it sounds like a workout song (I can't tell you the amount of time I spend working out to this song). Suddenly, I here my brother, who is also listening to the music, say, "This is Harold's theme song for Total Drama Action."

At first I thought he'd lost hearing for a while, but I realized that he's probably right. Harold has sort of hit bottom. The majority of his friends list is just a few positive interactions - or just not negative ones. LeShawna, the girl he loves, just dumped him. The creepy bald girl won't even be his friend. And Duncan, the bully, has returned to torture him. Now Harold's basically giving it his all every day and every challenge. He's just - with a will to survive.

So I ask you all to listen to this song, and ask yourselves if this could be Harold's theme.

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