Ever get that feeling that somebody's watching you, and you turn around and it's Zeke? Boy, hallucinations are fun!

The opening scene is a perfect example of why I hate Courtney. "It's so nice to have a girl to talk to." WTH? You are on a team with all girls! "Noah, don't eat the poison stuff it's poison!" I miss Noah, too, Owen, we all do. Every episode this season Noah has had some epic line, so will this episode suffer without him? "I miss the pitter-patter of his tiny feet." Aww! Nowen! Owah! "*ponders* I'm bad with secrets." I loved the fail guesses for where the Olympics started. As soon as he said the challenge would be done naked, I knew it was a lie. Even censored, I don't think they're allowed to have the girls be naked on this show. This episode is this season's Million Dollar Babies. Owen's Olympic confessional was pitiful, but in a funny way. Gwuncan? Siody? Coderra? I loved her confessional spin, but which of Sierra's couple names was worst? Answer in the comments! ALL BEWARE THE OLYMPIC TOWEL!

I loved the Spartan battle kazoo. The animation of Owen getting pumped was really great. The animation this season has really improved, and I'm loving it. Cody being launched away was hilarious! "I don't wanna hurt a girl!" Tyler, look, there is no evidence to support the theory that Courtney is a girl. In fact, judging by that short hair and powerful biceps, I'm lead to believe she's a man. (Just kidding. DISCLAIMER: Nalyd is slightly attracted to Courtney, proving she's a girl.) I didn't really get the wrestling challenge, was it two on three, or did Cody not count? Sierra attacking Courtney made my day. "In a world where Owen can win an Olympic gold medal..." Owen signing off with Chris was great! Could Owen win a fourth Renny? I loved the song while they talked about their relationship, but as soon as the bear became involved, the song became awkward and painful to listen to. The beat was great, so I wish they kept it without the boar-bear.

I'm still waiting for them to explain what led Gwen and Duncan to kiss. Yeah, they like each other, but why would they kiss? "Someone's been very naughty." *giggle* Alejandro putting his hair in a ponytail was funny, but too cartoony. Gwen said it best, "No man should be that flexible!" But Alejandro isn't a man. HE'S EVA! "The things you know frighten all of us. Really. They do." The Renny Award goes to Chris for completely owning Sierra, in one of the funniest lines I've heard in a long time! (Just kidding, the real Renny Award will go to somebody at the end of the blog.) Duncan singing to Chef about leaving was really funny! Courtney interrupting Chris was hysterical, and its one of those scenes that feels "real" to me, like I could see somebody doing that in real life. Wait wait wait, wings? I thought the tie breaker was naked, darn it! The way Sierra said "Thank you Cody" was hilarious, she's got such an amazing voice actress. "Those costumes are not authentic." "Shh! No one cares!" Well, if Tyler and Cody are doing the challenge, I'm glad they have costumes. Nobody wants to see that. Except Sierra.

Cody punching Duncan was great. Cody's been kind of a dud this season. I hope by the time one of them is eliminated, Gwen kisses Cody, at least on the cheek. It doesn't have to be a romantic kiss, just a "Thanks for being a friend" kind of kiss. Courtney freaking out at Gwen was great, I enjoyed it, but why not Duncan? "Nasty!" I crack up every time I hear Chris say that! Cody and Sierra hanging out was cool, I'm glad Cody's warming up to her. When even Heather is consoling somebody, you know that person was hurt. "All of this, while his hair was in a ponytail!" "What does my hair have to do with-" Wow, Al just got owned. If all the girls are gone, Duncan will kiss Chef again. The intern being eliminated was obvious, the only episode where Chris is angry at interns and an intern is at the Drop of Shame...

The Renny Award goes to Chris, he had some great lines this episode.

Overall, this was a great episode, but it could have been better at some parts, like a real elimination or explaining Gwuncan's kiss... 9/10

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