The current season of Countdown to 10,000 is ending March 26. The admins have allowed two more seasons, and I am very excited. The fifth season will premier early-mid April, and here are the rules for it (some will change before then):

  1. Making 0 or less edits will result in automatic elimination.
  2. No quitting.
  3. If you are banned from the wiki and I think it was an unfair ban, you may be given some form of immunity.
  4. Fights may result in expulsion from the game.

If you have a suggestion for a rule, let me know!

In season five, 12 new contestants (and two secret returning contestants!!!) compete. If you are interested in signing up, do so now! I will post sign-ups again, but if you want to sign-up now, go ahead! You may not sign-up if you were a contestant in season one, two, three, or four! Fill this out:

  1. Username: (your username here)
  2. Status on wiki: (user, rollback, admin)
  3. Reason for joining Countdown: (reason here)
  4. Why are you a fan of Countdown: (reason here)
  5. Favorite past contestant/contestant your most like: (answer here)
  6. (Your username) agrees to follow the rules of Countdown, and will abide by consequences of breaking rules

Be warned, in season five, you are expected to give it your all. Even after elimination, I expect you to continue to edit the remainder of the eleven weeks. Be warned.

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