"Hey guys, I've got a really good idea!"

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Let's put Chef Hatchet..."

"Yeah? Yeah?"

"In a dress!"

"Um... Sure, that could be funny. Like, once?"

"No, all of season two, then occasionally for the rest of the series!"

"Don't you think that could get old fast?"

"Nope! Also, more fart jokes! The kids love 'em!"

I don't know if this was the actual conversation that took place, but I imagine it was.

Welcome to my review for Finders Creepers. Remember, this is the most recent episode I've seen, so I don't know what happens. So yeah.

The episode starts with everyone sleeping, and a butterfly wakes up Dawn. Has anybody else noticed how much time on this show is devoted solely to showing everyone sleeping? And it always ends in a rude awakening. I do enjoy Dakota being made into an intern though. I need an intern. Post a comment on this blog, and I will randomly select one user to be my intern! Unless Bigez comments, then he is automatically my intern. Also, I laughed out loud at Brick in the confessional. Just because his eyes went different ways, that makes me laugh.

"A scavenger hunt for three creepy souvenirs." My teenage mind is slowly ruining this show with ideas about what the souvenirs could be. Also, "Souvenir" is a stupid word. Also, Chris said "Booby." Sam yelling at Dakota was funny, but Cameron's "Where? Where?" I felt was very poor comedic timing. He didn't sound that scared and talked really slowly. No me gusta. "Spiders are just so creepy! LITERALLY." I... I don't think the word "literally" was needed there and it makes me mad. Also, I'm criticizing the dialogue of an episode that came out weeks ago, none of you probably even realize what I'm talking about. Moving on.

I like [[Scott] and Sam's voices, but I imagine you'd have a sore throat after playing them for a few weeks. Also, Sam is so fat. Also, how is a key a "creepy souvenir"? A creepy souvenir is a puppet you buy from a street vendor in Europe. More on that later. "G.I. Joke." I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. Hey, is this pet cemetery the reason Dramatizing had a cemetery? Because I didn't get that, I was really confused about the graveyard.

Brick rubbing leaves on himself in the night vision need to be made into a GIF.

I enjoyed Sam and Dakota's scene. I'm really glad to have Dakota back because she's growing. (When I see the episode where she turns into a giant, I am gonna feel so smart for saying that!) She's changing, we almost never see a character experience believable character development. This is a nice change.

I'm watching the episode on YouTube, and one of the top comments is "Anne Maria sort of reminds me of Snooki o.O" I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

"That's not what Chris meant when he said to stick together." Thanks to Cameron, this was perhaps my favorite makeout in Total Drama history, and as well know, there have been many, many makeouts. Cameron throwing up was also the first time a throw up joke was funny. Well done, Cameron. Anne Maria burping was unnecessary. The joke about her not being class was funny, the burp ruined it. I am enjoying the Jersey Shore parodying though.

I always hate when somebody does something impossible, then the writers call it adrenaline. No, honey, it's called godplaying and we've all done it. Wasn't terribly interested in the Izzy cameo, but whatever. And this was the first surprise win I've liked.

The whole elimination scene was enjoyable, and Dakota leaving was funny.

Good episode, I enjoyed it. Lots of first times for me finding a recurring joke funny.

Rating: 8/10

And the Renny goes to... Dakota. This was a hard decision but I enjoyed her the most this episode.

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