For every opinion you give, a panda gets a dollar to buy Total Drama Yum-Yum Happy Go-Time Candy Fish Tails.

A while ago, I suggested a new category of page called "Attraction" for one-sided relationship. I think this would work best for pages like Everyone-Justin Relationship, Gwen-Cody Friendship, Sierra-Cody Friendship, etc. The way the titles would work is the contestant who like the other will go first (so we'd have "Cody-Gwen Attraction" for example.)

The reason I title the blog post "Female-Alejandro Attraction" is because I think we need some sort of page for all the crushes the ladies have on Alejandro (We have Bridgette and Lindsay, but what about Heather, Izzy, or LeShawna?) So what do you guys think? Should we create the Attraction category for one-sided relationships? Do we need a page for the crushes on Alejandro? Find out tonight... On Total! Drama! Blog Post! (No, seriously, your opinions are much wanted :))

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