SO - for those who still haven't heard, I demoted myself.

Personally it isn't really a big deal, I've got more important things to do than be admin, and that isn't a dig at you guys or anything, it's just my current situation.

My life is really completely different than it was when I joined the wiki. Someways worse, but in most ways it's a lot better. I like to think the wiki played some sort of role in this but I can't be certain.

I also like to think that the wiki's always gonna have a special place in my heart, as cheesy as it sounds, and it probably will. Maybe it'll be like how some people remember a sports team they were on as kids. I wouldn't know, I never did a sport.

I still remember logging on everyday after school for hours. I remember sitting in class thinking of strategies for RP or ideas for the wiki. I remember bringing my laptop with me on vacations to update Countdown.

I'm not quitting the wiki, maybe I'll start editing again when the new season comes out.

So yeah, I think that covers anything. If anybody has any questions about my demotion or anything post a comment.

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