Welcome back, contestants, to Countdown to 10,000! Last week, the ten remaining contestants got a combined total of over 1000 edits! The Editing Gophers won, and Stephen"Zap" was unanimously voted off.

Here are the starting edit counts:

Editing Gophers:

Killer Editors:

This week, both teams will be voted off. Two people will have immunity. It's possible for two people on the same team to be invincible. The first way to win immunity is to get the most edits this week. The second way to get immunity is to win the challenge. Answer the following six questions. The first person to get them all right will win immunity. If somebody posts answers, I suggest you try because they may have gotten them wrong.

  1. How many episodes has Ezekiel appeared in (not counting flashbacks or recaps)?
  2. Whats the most visited page on the wiki?
  3. How many characters have been featured articles?
  4. How many episodes of roleplay have there been (Counting the first Airport-math)?
  5. How many images have been featured?
  6. How many edits have been made total during Countdown to 10,000 from weeks one to three?

Congratulations to Courtney~Duncan~TDA for winning invincibility from the challenge, and Ragingblaze592 for having the most edits this week. Everyone will now vote somebody off from their own team, other than these two.

Check these scoreboards out to track your progress through the contest, and use this to check your edit count. Good luck everyone. Watch this page for updates over the week.

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