Welcome back, contestants, to Countdown to 10,000! Last week, the final three had to continue the fight for the final two. Whoever made the least edits would be automatically. TDA ROCKS was eliminated again, leaving Courtney~Duncan~TDA and TDIFan13 as our final two.

Here are the starting edit counts:

Final Two:

We will count how many edits you guys make this week, but the true winner of the competition is the person who makes the most edits total. Thus far in this competition, Courtney~Duncan~TDA has made 2043 edits, and TDIFan13 has made 771 edits. Whichever one has made more total edits by the end of this week will win the competition, and the title of the Countdown Champion. We will also see how the eliminated contestants have done since the competition started. Good luck to everyone.

The Countdown Champion will not be the only winner tonight. Whichever eliminated contestant made the most edits will win the "At-Home" Champion title.

When Kevvy9 joined the competition, he was the first person voted out and became infamous for not making a single edit. Kevvy9 started the competition with 11 edits, and now has... 11 edits. Congratulations to Kevvy9 for setting a new record; least edits made in Countdown.

Mr. Totaldramaman was the first Editing Gopher to be voted off. He was voted off by his teammates, including his fellow alliance members, when he was only about to make three edits that week. Mr. Totaldramaman started the competition with 207 edits, and now has... 351 edits. Congratulations to Mr. Totaldramaman for making 144 edits! You are now in the lead for "At-Home" Champion.

Stephen"Zap" was voted off next. After his elimination, Stephen"Zap" kept his head held high and wished everyone left in the game good luck. Now let's see if this good sport made enough edits to win. Stephen"Zap" started Countdown with 161 edits, and now has... 213 edits. With 52 edits, I'm sorry to say that that isn't enough and Mr. Totaldramaman still holds the lead.

Lindsayfan271 became a controversial contestant in week one when he tried to vote a threat off of his team as opposed to somebody who didn't edit. Lindsayfan271 was eliminated when both teams had to vote. Lindsayfan271 started the competition with 215 edits, and now has... 600 edits. You've made 385 edits, and now hold the lead for "At-Home" Champion.

KittyTDA98 was the first contestant voted out after the merge. Despite making only one edit in week one, she was able to pull it together and make more edits than anybody in week three. KittyTDA98 started the competition with 185 edits, and now has... 578 edits. With 393 edits, you have made enough to take the lead for "At-Home" Champion.

Tdifan24 was the next contestant to be voted off. Tdifan24 was banned from the wiki during the week he was eliminated, and wasn't able to edit. He was voted out by some of his own alliance members. He started Countdown with 95 edits, and now has... 446 edits. I'm sorry, Tdifan24, but 351 edits is not enough to beat KittyTDA98 and take the lead for "At-Home" Champion.

NinjaIzzy had perhaps the most unique elimination yet. She and the other user in the bottom two received two votes. The other contestant had made less edits and should have been eliminated, but NinjaIzzy dropped out to save him. NinjaIzzy started with 1864 edits, and now has... 2793 edits. NinjaIzzy has made 929 edits and is now in the lead for "At-Home" Champion. Congratulations, NinjaIzzy.

Ragingblaze592 became famous in the competition for setting several records and making the most edits for five weeks. Unfortunately for Ragingblaze592, his elimination was unanimous due to being a threat. Ragingblaze592 started Countdown with 1151 edits, and now has... 3651 edits. Ragingblaze592 has made 2500 edits and has taken the lead away from NinjaIzzy. Perhaps 2500 edits is enough to set another new record?

TotalDramaFan1000 became infamous in the contest for making it so far, with such a small edit count. He only made over one hundred edits twice. TotalDramaFan1000 was in the bottom two two times before finally being eliminated for making the least edits in a week. He started the competition with 30 edits, and now has... 537. Congratulations on making 507 edits, but it isn't enough to beat Ragingblaze592.

TDA ROCKS was one of the most controversial players this season, but will always be remembered. The controversy started when he started talking about trying to vote off his teammates, even when the elimination was over. He was voted out in week four, but came back to the contest in week seven. TDA ROCKS started Countdown with 141 edits, and now has... 2178 edits. TDA ROCKS has made 2037 edits. Despite being impressive, it isn't enough to win. Congratulations to Ragingblaze592 for becoming the "At-Home" Champion.

And now, onto the final two...

Courtney~Duncan~TDA won the majority of the challenges this season thanks to her knowledge of the Total Drama series. She made the most edits for three weeks. Courtney~Duncan~TDA started Countdown with 866 edits, and now has... 2956 edits! Courtney~Duncan~TDA has made 2090 edits! Congratulations on this incredible feat.

TDIFan13 started the competition as the only admin playing. Despite this making him a threat, TDIFan13 was able to slip under the radar and make it far into the game. His challenge win in week eight gave him invincibility, and made it to he could stay in the game. TDIFan13 started Countdown with the highest edit count, 2322 edits, and now has... 3109 edits! Unfortunately for him, 787 edits is not enough to win.

Congratulations to Courtney~Duncan~TDA for winning Countdown to 10,000 and being the first ever Countdown Champion!

Check these scoreboards out to track your progress through the contest, and use this to check your edit count. Good luck everyone. Watch this page for updates over the week.

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