If you'd like to apply for the next season of Countdown to 10,000, please fill out the following questions:

  1. Username: (your username here)
  2. Status on wiki: (user, rollback, admin)
  3. Reason for joining Countdown: (reason here)
  4. Why are you a fan of Countdown: (reason here)
  5. Favorite past contestant/contestant your most like: (answer here)
  6. (Your username) agrees to follow the rules of Countdown, and will abide by consequences of breaking rules

14 people will be chosen, along with two returning contestants, to compete for eleven weeks. The contestants chosen will be revealed after this season ends. If you applied on this blog, your application still counts.

Sign-ups are closed, thanks to all who signed up!

  1. Breakingmikey
  2. Politoed89
  3. Biljana Majstorovic-Bjedov
  4. Owenandheatherfan
  5. David117
  6. Dakotacoons
  7. Bridgettebarf703
  8. BarBar
  9. Wolverine1717
  10. Just Another Editor
  11. Silverspark735
  12. *~*~ishni*~*~
  13. Bridgette dj10
  14. Gary the Gaget Dude
  15. Comicstrip2000
  16. E-Scope THE FIRST
  17. Frank14

Thanks to all who signed-up, twelve of you will compete, the results will be posted next Saturday.