Welcome back, contestants, to Countdown to 10,000 Season Two! Last week, the final eight contestants competed in a challenge to win immunity, won by the Yellow Team. Kgman04 set a new record for Countdown, 500 edits in one week. The Red Team and Green Team were put up for elimination, and TotalDramaAddict, the sole member of the Green Team, was voted off.

Once again this week, the two teams with the lowest edit count will be up for elimination. However, for a special surprise this week, somebody will be coming back to the competition. Anybody eliminated prior to Week Five will have a shot to return, and the person who has made the most edits since they left will return.

Congratulations to Numbuhthreefan, you're back in the game and have immunity this week.

Red Team - 1731 to 1956 (225 edits)

Reddude - 160 to 168 (8 edits)
Fedora Kid - 1571 to 1788 (217 edits)

Yellow Team - 1129 to 1208 (79 edits)

JacksonFive - 319 to 339 (20 edits)
The Cartoon - 810 to 869 (59 edits)

Blue Team - 3000 to 3450 (450 edits)

Kgman04 - 3000 to 3450 (450 edits)

Pink Team - 1496 to 1510 (14 edits)

Numbuhthreefan - 1496 to 1510 (14 edits)

Beige Team - 3736 to 4088 (352 edits)

CrashMan 85 - 1220 to 1263 (43 edits)
Mygeto - 2516 to 2825 (309 edits)

Congratulations to Numbuhthreefan for returning to the game and having immunity, and to Kgman04 for getting the most edits this week. This week, the Yellow Team and Red Team are up for elimination. The other three teams will vote one of the teams off.

Check these scoreboards out to track your progress through the contest, and use this to check your edit count. Good luck everyone. Watch this page for updates over the week.

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