Just when you thought it was safe to edit again... The popular Countdown to 10,000 is returning for a second season! This season, sixteen new contestants will be paired up with another user into eight teams. Each week, the two pairs who make the least edits will be up for elimination, and one pair will be voted out.


Red Team - Reddude and Fedora Kid

Orange Team - EdGeorgenCody and TDAwesome15

Yellow Team - JacksonFive and The Cartoon

Green Team - Samtastic450 and TotalDramaAddict

Blue Team - Kgman04 and Enriquebarcelo

Purple Team - Izzyfan and JasonAlexande08

Pink Team - Lizcat68 and Numbuhthreefan

Beige Team - CrashMan 85 and Mygeto


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