Welcome to Countdown to 10,000 Season Six. This season, you will be split up into three teams. The two teams who make the least edits will each vote somebody off, but the person on each losing team with the most edits will be immune. When you are voted off, you go to Team Redemption where you will be able to stay in the game. As of now, your edit counts will be recorded every Saturday at 7:00. (Unless I sleep in, in which case, stay calm. They will be posted shortly after I wake up and remember the contest.)

Team Buffalo

Total Edits: 699 edits

Team Neil Patrick Harris

Total Edits: 688 edits

Team Nalyd is Hot

Total Edits: 1305 edits

This is a reminder to all contestants; fluffing will result in getting banned from the wiki, which will make editing difficult.

The team that makes the most edits will be immune. The other two teams will have to vote somebody off from their own respective teams. If you are on the losing team, the only way to be safe is to make the most edits on your team. The two voted off contestants will go to Team Redemption.

Team Nalyd is Hot has made the most edits and is safe this week. Bbhinton15 is automatically eliminated for making -4 edits, so only Team Buffalo will vote somebody off. They cannot vote off CD-TDA.

Check these scoreboards out to track your progress through the contest, and use this to check your edit count. Good luck everyone. Watch this page for updates over the week.

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