Pre-Season Interviews


Q: What are you excited about for your first season competing in Countdown to 10,000?

A: Yeah. I'm looking forward to it. I've never been involved with it before, and it's exciting to be now that I am.

Q: Will being a new contestant be an advantage or a disadvantage? Why?

A: Possibly. I don't have the highest editing count/editing rate or whatever as most people, so I might not be, like, super amazing or anything, but it could work out. Who knows?

Q: What will be your biggest obstacle?

A: In my opinion, trying to start really getting into tons of editing again. I tend to slack off a bit sometimes, so, overcoming my own procrastionation.

Q: Who are you hoping returns? Who do you hope does not return? Why?

A: I'm not quite sure. Even though I luff them, probably people with insane amounts of edits (coughmikeycough) because it's hard to compare to people like that.


Q: I think I already know the answer to this; Are you excited to finally be in Countdown?

A: Of course I'm excited if I will be competing in Countdown against a few people who won or competed before I think it will be very challenging.

Q: How far do you think you'll go in the contest?

A: Hmmm, I actually don't want to guess, I think I do have a good chance, but I can't really know against strong contestants from the past.

Q: Who do you want to return? Who do you not want to return? Why?

A: I will be really glad to compete with some of my friends, like Silver or Ishni, and of course someone that also challenging , like Musou or Addict, but I don't want to find myself against people that I know I clearly have no chance like Mikey, WM, and maybe more, too.

Q: Will you be a hero or a villain?

A: I won't be like harsh to everyone and mean and "cheat", but it is just a game, and sure, I will stick loyal to some of my friends, but I also do what I need to win, honestly.


Q: Do you think other contestants will look at you as a threat?

A: Yes.

Q: What's the biggest obstacle between you and winning?

A: Time to edit.

Q: Which contestants do you hope return? Who do you hope doesn't return? Why?

A: My only person that I would like to return is Fedora Kid. I hope Ryan doesn't return. The reasons being: Fedora is a good ally, Ryan can't be trusted.

Q: What kind of strategy do you have planned going into this season?

A: I plan on editing as much as I can when I need to but trying my best not to be the person in 1st place when the merge begins (or if there is a time where everyone is for themselves).


Q: On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, how would you score your performance in your last two seasons of Countdown?

A: About a 6.5. I really haven't been working as hard as I should, but I feel confident this season.

Q: Do you think you'll be viewed as a threat?

A: It depends who is in this season. If WM is, not a chance.

Q: What's harder for you; strategizing or editing?

A: This also depends on many things; if CD Season 6 takes place during TD:RI, it will be easier to edit, whereas strategizing would be easier all around, so I'd say editing.

Q: Is there anybody who you want to return? Anybody you don't want to return? Why?

A: Hmm... There's no one imparticular I want to return, they are all very good editors, but Webkinz Mania is an editing machine, so I'd rather see less of him in Countdown so he doesn't overpower me in edits.


Q: Who do you hope returns? Who do you hope does not return? Why?

A: 1) Ishni, we did an excellent job with eachother in S5, so I really want to work with her again. 2) Uros, he showed off a bit during S5, causing me to eliminate him.

Q: Will other contestants view you as a threat after you dominated season five?

A: I guess, a lot of peeps, including Ishni, feared me in S5. I really wanted to show what I got and I think i've scared basically everyone. But, I also impressed users like Tulle and CD. Everyone, except Ishni, tried to get rid of me in S5, but when I found out about this, I eliminated them. IE: Silver, Uros, Comic and Big O.

Q: Will competing in back-to-back seasons affect your gameplay in anyway?

A: I don't think so. I think a little break helped me so there is more thinks to edit. I know it affected other users like Aimers, but I'm prepaired for the upcoming challenge.

Q: Do you consider yourself a hero or a villain?

A: More of both. I've help my teammates, but when users plotted against me, I got them eliminated.


Q: Do you think being a previous winner will be an advantage or a disadvantage? Why?

A: I think it will be both a disadvantage and an advantage. It'll be a disadvantage because people will see me as a threat, but it'll also be an advantage because of the experience I have.

Q: Is there anybody you hope returns? Anybody you hope doesn't return? Why?

A: I hope Fedora & Addict return, since they were my good friends from Season Four. However, I'm hoping WM doesn't return due to his mass-editing.

Q: What's the bigger challenge in Countdown; Editing or strategizing?

A: I'd say strategizing since people's plans are changing daily, while editing is always the same thing.

Q: Do you plan to take more of a leader role or a follower role in alliances this season?

A: If I'm in an alliance, then a leader role.

Fedora Kid

Q: Do you think you'll be able to make it to the final two a third time?

A: It would definitely be a stretch, if not a miracle. Of course, I'd love to hit the final two again. But it will be tough to do so.

Q: Will you continue to be "The Strategist"?

A: Absolutely. I love to strategize, to plan things out, to come up with plans. It's what I do.

Q: Will you be seeking revenge or redemption this season?

A: I'm honestly not sure. I really don't have anyone that I want to take revenge on, nor have I done anything that I need to redeem myself for. I guess I'm seeking to just play this game again, because believe me: I LOVE playing this game.

Q: Is there anybody you want to return to this season? Anybody you don't want to return? Why?

A: I definitely think that KG and The Cartoon should return. Both are very strong editors, very deserving, and each have competed only ONCE so far. As far as who I don't want to return......That's hard for me to say. I don't want anyone to hate me for this, but I guess I don't want Ryan to return. It's time for a new main villain.


Q: Is there anybody you hope will return this season? Anybody you don't want to return? Why?

A: I hope Musou aka Mah Mouse, returns for the season. I love her to pieces and I know she's an awesome editor. Probably the awesomest editor/person to be on the wiki (not, including SeeDee and no offence to everyone else, I just love her to pieces). Anybody I don't want returning . .hmmmmmmm. For the sake of not stirring up more drama I'd say Ryan but drama may be a good thing for the show .

Q: Do you think competing in back-to-back seasons will help or hurt your game?

A: Hmmmm that's a toughie - I think it'll hurt my schoolwork more. If I had the time or made the time, I could edit my heart out even if I were competing back to back, so in that case, maybe not.

Q: How strategic do you think you are?

A: Not very - I love my friends to death and would rather vote myself off than vote for anyone of them. Not very strategic don't ya think? But, I can be mischievous and prankster like if I wanted to be and devise a strategy for that.

Q: What's your favorite part of Countdown to 10,000?

A: The alliances and being in an alliance - it's such fun to be in a group of people and working against others.


Q: Do you think you'll be an editing powerhouse this season like you were in season two?

A: Probably not, I'll be really busy over the summer with courses at school, so I might only make around 150-200 edits per week.

Q: Are there any past contestants you want to return? Anybody you don't want to return? Why?

A: I want Mikey to return, because, well, I think it's obvious. :p I don't want Ryan (TDIFan13) to return, just because, well, 1200 edits is just a bit threat-ish. Just a bit.

Q: Do you think the three new contestants will have a big impact on the season?

A: Well, it obviously depends on who they are, but I don't think they'll change much.

Q: Do you have a strategy going into the season?

A: Not really.


Q: How do you think having already won the game will affect you this season?

A: I don't think it'll have much of an effect. I won by staying under the radar, but that probably won't work now that I'm in an all-star season.

Q: Is there anybody you want to return? Don't want to return? Why?

A: CD-TDA and FedoraKid, though they're probably already in it, they've both built reputations as powerful players, so I want to experience competing with them.

Q: Do you consider yourself a hero or a villain?

A: Neither. I'm that one character you see in the middle of the movie that dies in order for the plot to advance.

Q: What's the most difficult part about competing for you?

A: My computer's really old, and as a result pages take a long time to load, and that wastes time that could have been spent making edits. Also, I have a strange urge to hit "minor edit" no matter how large the edit I've made is.


Q: Do you think others will see you as a threat to win again?

A: Possibly. They definitely will try to make me lose. As I won in a previous season.

Q: What's the toughest part of Countdown for you?

A: Looking for edits. Especially with this post-season depression we're all in.

Q: Do you think you could be the game's first two-time winner?

A: Possibly, though unlikely.

Q: Who do you wnt to return? Who do you not want to return? Why?

A: Crash was an awesome partner in Season Two. CD-TDA edits like mad, so she'd be a difficult opponent to face.


Q: This is your first time competing in Countdown to 10,000. On a scale of Gwen to Owen, how excited are you?

A: Hm. I'd say about in between, because while I'm super excited, I'm nervous as well. I'm against a bunch of Countdown veterans, and that's enough to make anyone nervous. But I'm still going to try my best!

Q: Is being a new contestant an advantage or disadvantage? Why?

A: For me, definetely a disadvantage. As many people know, I don't edit at all, so I have little-to-no experience in that area. And add in the fact that I've never done Countdown before can really work against me. But maybe it's an advantage, because being new gives me a new perspective, per se.

Q: Is there anybody you're hoping will return? Anybody you hope doesn't return? Why?

A: I really, really, really hope WM or Mikey don't return, because those two are the biggest edit machines I've ever seen. (Would I write "*laughs*" if I wanted to laugh? o_o) And I'm not really sure who I want to return, I'm rather indifferent to that.

Q: Do you think you're gonna be a hero or a villain?

A: Hero. I'll try my best to be fair to everyone, and I'm too nice for my own good.


Q: Are you excited to be back for a second time in Countdown to 10,000?

A: Well sure. Last time was a mere taste of the copmpetition. If this season has more competitive players, then this is bound to be a very exciting season.

Q: Who is your favorite past contestant?

A: Definately Aimers. I look up to him as a role model for good performance and charisma in the wiki. He not only is a great friend, but a terrific editor and I would sincerely love to see more of him in the competition

Q: How would you describe your gameplay strategy?

A: Silverspark strategy is to edit enough so that you can keep your head up, but small enough so that people don't perceive you as a threat. Gain peoples trust with your modesty and then when you are cornered, out-edit your opponent.

Q: Who do you want to return? Who do you not want to return? Why?

A: I really want Aimers to return becuase he made a terrific teammate and editor, but I don't want Poli to return as everyone is so good of friends with her that no one will vote her off, leading her to victory.


Q: Who do you want to return? Who do you not want to return? Why?

A: Hm, I'd like to see Fedora return. He's played a heck of a game both times. As for not returning? I guess CD or Ryan. Both of them have had their share of Countdown chaos already.

Q: Will others view you as a threat?

A: Nope.

Q: What's your favorite part of Countdown to 10,000?

A: I guess the fun of competing. It tends to become more than just an editing game.

Q: Do you think you'll be able to do better than you did in season five?

A: As long as I dont get banned, and my parents dont drag me on a week-long trip.


Q: Do you think that describing you as Countdown's main villain is accurate?

A: I'm not sure. A villain is something that I'd never describe myself as, but in competitions, I can and will resort to deception, treachery, and manipulation. I haven't done much in Countdown, but I guess I can be a villain; it's much more fun than being a hero.

Q: Do you think that other contestants will consider you a threat?

A: Definitely. I had a long winning streak in the fourth season, so it won't be a big surprise if I get voted off first. However, it will be unfortunate; this season, I really just want to stick to one alliance and try to win.

Q: Who do you want to return? Who do you not want to return? Why?

A: I really don't want to see any winners returning, personally. I just feel like it's unfair; seriously, they've won already. As for the returnees, I definitely want to see Webkinz Mania returning. He was a great friend and a worthy player.

Q: For you, what is the most diffuclt aspect of competing?

A: Fitting in. It's always hard to ally with someone when you've already gotten a reputation as an untrustworthy player.

The Cartoon

Q: How do you think your performance in this season will differ from season two?

A: This season, I have a definite strategy, and I'm planning on actually playing the game.

Q: Do you think others will consider you a threat?

A: Well I imagine that I'm one of the least active editors in the game. So no one will really expect much from me. I hope to prove them wrong,

Q: Are there any contestants you want to return? Any you don't want to return? Why?

A: Well there are several users I want to see. Fedora Kid, CD, Musou, Addict, Poli, Ishni... the list goes on and on.

Q: What are you most excited about for this season?

A: I'm excited to prove how good of an editor I can be, to increase my Wiki activity, and to get excited for Season 4 of Total Drama through my editing.


Q: In season four, you were labeled the challenge king. What makes you so good at the challenges you had to do?

A: Well, what I think makes me so good, is that I was determined. I was always waiting for a challenge to be up when you announced one.

Q: Do you think others will view you as a threat this time?

A: I'm certain I'll be viewed as a threat, having shown challenge-winning talent and already winning.

Q: Who do you want to compete with again? Who do you not want to compete? Why?

A: Well, I'd love to see my old competitor The Cartoon back, he and his partner were the only ones that didn't vote me out at my elimination, I'd also like to see CD-TDA and Fedora Kid, my old alliance-mates, back. I wouldn't like having TDIFan13 or WebkinzMania, they were major competition and I don't think I'd be able to beat them again.

Q: Do you think this season will be easier or more difficult than the other times you competed?

A: Well, considering the high amount of contestants, and my threat status, it'll be harder than my previous two tries.


Q: You competed way back in season one, do you think the game has changed a lot since then?

A: Not really, its still the same game.

Q: Is there anybody you want to return? Anybody you don't want to return? Why?

A: I wouldn't want CDTDA to return, she is way too much of a threat since she has won a season.

Q: Do you think Team Redemption will affect the game?

A: Depends on how it turns out.

Q: Do you think the time gap between the seasons you competed in will help you or hurt you?

A: I think it will help me, I have become more experienced since season one which should help.

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