Welcome, back All-Stars, to Countdown to 10,000: All-Star Edition! Last week, the teams set out in an epic battle of editing. Webkinz Mania set a new record, making 563 edits in one week. In the end, the Excellent Editors lost when the Shooting Stars had almost twice their edit count. The Excellent Editors voted off CrashMan 85, who made the least edits.

Shooting Stars:

Total edits: 459 edits

Excellent Editors:

Total Edits: 316 edits

As always, the team that makes the least combined amount of edits will vote somebody off. The same rules apply as last week.

This week, there will be a challenge. The first person to get all of these questions right - or if nobody gets them all right, whoever gets the most right - will win a prize revealed after they win.

  1. Which winner of a previous season of Countdown has made the most edits?
  2. How many edits did the person in question one make?
  3. Which Countdown contestant won the most challenges in season one?
  4. Which contestants have been eliminated then returned in the middle of a season of Countdown?
  5. Which two contestants received the most votes in Countdown season one, and how many votes were cast against each of them?
  6. How many votes were cast in season three?

Congrats, TotalDramaAddict, on winning the challenge. You have won immunity, and a special reward. I will reveal the reward after the next vote-off. However, TotalDramaAddict, you may pick one other person to have immunity as well as you. The person can be on your team or the other team. Please pick today.

Once again, the Excellent Editors must vote off a member of their team. Aimers is invincible.

Check these scoreboards out to track your progress through the contest, and use this to check your edit count. Good luck everyone. Watch this page for updates over the week.

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