Welcome, back All-Stars, to Countdown to 10,000: All-Star Edition! Last week, the teams merged and went head to head to head to head to head to head. TDIFan13 made the most edits of the week to snag immunity. TDA ROCKS made 0 edits and was immediately eliminated. In a fake elimination ceremony, Webkinz Mania was voted out. But, it was fake, so everyone can feel awkward as Webkinz Mania continues to compete.

The All-Stars:

Last week, Webkinz Mania was "eliminated" in a fake elimination ceremony. Because of this, he must make 100 edits for every vote he got. If he fails to make 300 or more edits, he will be automatically eliminated. If he wins the challenge, the prize will count. In the event that Webkinz Mania does do all 300 edits (Or 200 if he wins the challenge), then there will be a regular vote off.

The winner of this week's challenge will win a special reward; 100 edits will be added to their score. The scoreboards will still say how many edits they made on their own, but for this week 100 edits will be added on. If you make 150 edits, it will be counted as making 250. (The scoreboards will say 150 though.) The winner of the challenge is the person who can answer all five of these trivia questions correctly.

  1. Not counting this week, which two contestants are tied for the longest amount of time in Countdown? (Weeks in their original season plus weeks this season)
  2. How many weeks have the two each been competing, not counting this week?
  3. How many contestants have been part of the Excellent Editors team?
  4. How many contestants have been part of the shooting Stars team?
  5. Which contestant this season has been immune every week?

TotalDramaAddict, the challenge king, has won the challenge.

TDIFan13 has won immunity and is safe this week.

Check these scoreboards out to track your progress through the contest, and use this to check your edit count. Good luck everyone. Watch this page for updates over the week.

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