From the people who brought you Total Drama Author, and the people who brought you Ex-Cat, comes... Countdown to 10,000! Twelve users sign up with one goal in mind; editing. The twelve editors will be put onto two teams; The Editing Gophers, and the Killer Editors. Every week, whichever team gets the most mainspace edits total will win... immunity! The losing team will have to vote somebody off. When the teams merge, the two people with the lowest edit counts will be up for elimination and the other contestants must vote one of them out. The final two contestants will edit until one of them is declared the Countdown Champion.


Editing Gophers

  1. Courtney~Duncan~TDA "CDTDA"
  3. Mr. Totaldramaman "MTDM"
  4. TDIFan13
  5. TotalDramaFan1000
  6. Tdifan24

Killer Editors

  1. NinjaIzzy
  2. Stephen"Zap"
  3. KittyTDA98
  4. Ragingblaze592
  5. Kevvy9
  6. Lindsayfan271


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