This Friday (date is subject to change) there will be a vote in Council to decide how to change it. It has been decided the council will stay, but it is quite clear that reform is needed. Here are a few ideas for changes.

  1. Making it public - Everyone is allowed to watch, only council members can talk. Note - Only council members will be allowed to vote; a public vote in the council would be much more hectic than a public forum on the wiki.
  2. Voting for Council Members - Not all of the council is active/shows up for every meeting, so I thought it would be a good idea to have the public vote for 9 or 11 people (I figured an odd number around ten would be good) to be the new council. Users, rollbacks, and admins would be allowed to run. Presumably every few months we'd hold elections again so the users still decide who is going to be in charge.

If you like either of these ideas or have ideas of your own, please post them below. When I vote for Council reform, I want to make sure what I'm doing is the most popular decision with the users.

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