Confucius says you will hang on my every word of this review.

One of the big surprises this season was Blaineley joining. Not really, because after the first episode we saw the clip of her and Owen in Niagara Falls. But so far, she hasn't been all that bad. I liked her enjoying Chris' hot tub during the recap. Poor Chris. Ezekiel is seen in the background again, trying to steal some cake. I think this is going to be a new plot line for him,trying to snag some food. Blaineley advertising her alliance was hilarious! Besides, that's how an alliance works; never depend on an ally completely! Heather and Alejandro arguing was another win scene. You and I have a similar problem." "Really? Which recently escaped mental patient are you married to?" Do my ears deceive me? Did Cody say something funny?! Yeah, but still, he has no character left without Sierra. "First come first serve. It's the Chinese way." Hahaha!

Chris being interrupted by phone calls was hilarious, but the contestants trying to figure out when to start was even funnier. "You are not a roid monkey, no matter what I said!" "Bromigo." As a devout follower of the Bro Code, I know that you can't go adding bro to words! Amigo is not on the list of words you can add bro to, darn it! Cody using Sierra's attraction to him to get further in the game is awful. Especially after his hopeless crush on Gwen he should know better. If we learned anything this season, its that some people shouldn't be around more then eight episodes. The Chinese invented exploding waffles?! "Can you give me some more gas here?" *fart* "That wasn't what he meant, ya bad donkey." The line isn't that great, but the way Sierra hops in and says it... Priceless. "You like me? You really like me?" All I can say is :D Sierra falling into the little old lady's house was hysterical! Especially the little noise she made after. A lot of Sierra's "noises" have been epic this season. Yes, I giggled when I saw Courtney get blasted into the sky, and I loved it.

"May we see the photo finish?" "What show do you think you're on?" I love when Chris pwns Alejandro. CODY, STOP INSULTING SIERRA. "If she's a size zero, I'm the Emperor of China!" All hail honorable Emperor Hatchet! "Do you know how thoroughly I got snouted?" Giggity. Ew, Alejandro jiggled his moobs. Didn't need to see that. "I am a CIT! Not a loser!" Don't you see, Courtney, you're both! The song was fail. Chris's voice was auto-tuned, but not well. Why do Heather's eyes go big and black through the episode? "Ace! Where are you? Fart if you can hear me!" Hahaha, win, Cody! "Yeah, we don't even know what that's called. It ain't right, whatever it is." Epic line from Chris. "I'm so ashamed." AWWWW! POOR CHEF! Chef is an interesting character, even though he hasn't done much this season. In season one, he was just a scary guy and that was great, season two he was a scary cross dressing guy, and this season there isn't a lot to him. The mask on Courtney's face was an improvement. (OH COME ON! Let me have my fun while she's still there!) I miss the barf bags... Blaineley's good bye was win but... Ugh, Duncan and Courtney still broken up just doesn't feel right... I'm sure they'll kiss and make up at the Aftermath if Duncan goes, but still. "Is it really quiet in here all of a sudden or is it just me?" Chris and Chef at the end was win, too.

The Renny Award goes to Cody. He had his ups and downs, but at the end of the day he had it.

Another great episode, other than a fail song and other complaints I mentioned (like the randomness of Courtney and Blaineley being voted off), I can't think of much wrong with this episode. Great challenges, great dialogue, lame song and elimination... 7/10

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