A while back, there was some debate over what the character labels should be, since Cake Entertainment kept changing the labels. I suggest that we use the ones posted by Thornton on his blog. [1] [2] There are labels for all 22 original characters (and Chef and Chris). I suggest we use these labels, since they seem to be the most official (they are also more accurate, IMO.)

  • Izzy - The Psycho Hose Beast
  • Trent - The Cool Guy
  • Cody - The Geek
  • Heather - Queen B (NOTE: I think we should spell is out Queen Bee if we use this.)
  • Justin - The Eye Candy
  • Owen - Crazy Party Guy
  • Noah - The Schemer
  • Gwen - The Loner
  • LeShawna - The Sista with 'Tude
  • Lindsay - The Dumb Princess
  • Beth - The Wanna-Be
  • Tyler - The Jock who Sucks at Sports
  • Harold - The Dweeb with Mad Skillz
  • Bridgette - The Soulful Surfer Girl
  • Geoff - The Funniest Guy Around
  • DJ - The Brickhouse with Heart
  • Duncan - The Delinquent
  • Courtney - The Type-A Force to be Reckoned With
  • Eva - The Female Bully
  • Katie - The Sweet Girl
  • Sadie - The Sweet Girl's Friend
  • Ezekiel - The Home Schooled Guy
  • Chris - The Host with the Most
  • Chef Hatchet - The Host (Duh)

What do you guys think?

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