That's right, I will be reviewing Can't Help Falling in Louvre today! Spoiler alert; Snape killed Dumbledore. 1 (Go to bottom of the blog post, but don't read more than the first note.)

I liked the little balloon flying up as Chris is finishing the recap. Team Victory up in first-class was incredibly dry and dull. I'm not saying everything on the show should be funny, but DJ or Lindsay could have said something, I don't know, interesting... I thought it was weird that Noah was insulting Izzy to Owen's face, cause we all know what happened when Heather tried... (The biggest cold-hearted meanie in all of Kalamazoo!) I laughed at the scene with Izzy messing with the plane, but at the same time... I'm just not feeling that Izzy charm anymore. I loved Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot after Izzy was messing with the plane! Noah's head in the birdcage, haha! I loved Sierra still crying about Cody! I love Sierra, I really do, and I hope she and Cody end up together, get married, and have like twenty-two kids, but I just think her cry is funny (and the ice cream just made the scene perfect!) I loved Alejandro and Cody together in the confessional. The way Alejandro shouts "Out, Cody!" is hilarious. I loved that all the guys held onto Owen as the "Something heavy." Izzy cheering as she sank into the water was great, something the Izzy of TDI would do! "Everything looks slightly in her head." "Do you always wear a track suit?" HAHAHAHAHA! Hilarious lines! "Calm down, lover boy." Wow, Alejandro, you just got owned by Chris! One, it was obvious the girl team would get a naked guy statue. Two, That statue isn't anatomically correct. Credit to Jam7 for coming up with that. Three, the "censorship" on the statue is really awkward. I didn't even know it was censored at first, I had to pause the video for a sec there. 2

I loved the look on Chef's face when Chris says "Chef made some fake ones, right?" then Chef just runs out. I loved the baby seal's epic return! "I got your ginormous back, big boy!" Epic Noah line! The ball trick was hilarious! It's a long shot considering the writers probably don't remember Noah's unwillingness to compete back in TDI, but I'd like to see him comment on that compared to his more helpful side now. I loved Sierra's sudden crying when she sees the statue kissing! I admit, I jumped a little. I loved Izzy messing with the paintings and ticking off Al. What the heck is a kindergym?! "Owen's girth and my muscled chest will not fit." Wow, just tell the kid he's a scrawny waste and this is his one chance to do well at something. Haha, Izzy went after the imaginary ball! Hilarious. The whole seen with Chris bugging Sierra and Cody was comedy gold. I loved the whole song, probably my favorite, even Owen and Noah. I don't remember Sierra and Cody being in so many paintings and statues though... I guess TDWT is popular in France, non?

Cody needs to learn girls don't tell you what they need, so it is our job as men to guess wildly. If you see a girl eating a lot of ice cream, she probably wants more ice cream. If you see a girl working out, she wants ice cream but can't have it, so it's your job as a man to give it to her! She wants a romantic trip to Paris? Get her ice cream, her expectations will be lowered and I'm sure you'll now be considered a regular at Ben and Jerry's. "You got some of your Venus in our David." Would have been awkward the other way around eh? Wink wink, nudge nudge an' all that, eh what? (I thought Heather's gold tooth would be white again, but I like that you can still see that it's gold.) I admit, I laughed at Owen itching his butt with a statue's leg. I appreciate the gross Owen stuff, but I'm really enjoying some of Owen's hilarious not-fart-joke lines. "Those aren't even words!" I refudiate to believe those aren't words. (See, when TDWT started, we all misunderestimated how funny and epic it would end up!) I'd like to point out that when Noah called Venus "perfect" she had muscular arms. No another girl that Noah likes with muscular arms? "Alejandro! He's Eva!" I loved Lindsay's head on the thinker! Heh, it's ironic. (Like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife.)

Izzy smashing the mummy dog (why do they call it a cat now?) was priceless! "Aw man I hate walking." This entire rest of the episode with Owen is epic, just wait and see! The girls "modeling" for DJ was weird, but kinda hot too... Why does Courtney look kind of adorable when she's trying to be a model... *gasp* NOOOOOOOOOO! "I second that, what?!" Evil, Chris. But I XD'd. "Look, I don't know what she wants!" (Cough, ice cream, cough.) LOL, Cody wants Sierra to touch his things. "You had me at sock!" (Like, all the way at the beginning of the speech?) I loved Tyler and Lindsay's conversation when designing his outfit. "As worn by that poor suck, Tyler." Chris is hilarious today! Oh my, Gwen took off her shirt. Well, DJ's shirt, but still... DJ's song made it obvious he was staying. When you want to go home, you stay! I mean, it's not like there were any other big hints that Lindsay was going (CARTOON NETWORK COMMERCIALS). "Hungry and obsequious." (Which means characterized by or showing servile complaisance or deference; fawning: an obsequious bow.) Owen's entire judging was hilarious! Wow, he was so funny. "I really like DJ's shirt." I want DJ's shirt! Linday's fail jump had me dying of laughter. Somebody get a GIF of that.

The Renny award goes to... Owen. It was really hard to pick somebody this week, but the judging made it official.

Amazing episode, one of the best this season easily... 9/10

  • 1 I'll be posting funny comments down here, so when you see a number, get down here and read it! Don't wait until the end of the blog, you won't get the joke!
  • 2 Made ya look!

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