I'll be doing my review of Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water in a few days. For now, enjoy this review of Broadway, Baby!.

The episode starts with some dude massaging Izzy. Anyway, one thing that irks me is the sleeping arrangements. We don't see anybody but Owen ever sleeping, so I wonder if everybody is just sleeping in their clothes surrounded by everybody and sitting up. "What am I, Tyler?" Wait, that isn't Tyler? "You've only spoken to me like three times ever. Including this one!" Wait a minute... that's not funny... Why haven't I LOL'd yet? "No thanks... Enemy. *lol*" Haha, it's not so much Sierra's lines that are funny, but I think she's got a great voice actress. Very talented. The Alejandro-Heather development is very interesting. I take back what I said about them being too much like a better looking CourtneyXDuncan. I do wish Alejandro would go back to subtly manipulating people as opposed to basically going "LOL, kiss me :D". Wow... Even the Tyler-Lindsay moment in the boat was kinda fail... This does not bode well...

"Don't even think about making me the horse, Heather." But Courtney, you look so much like a horse... Way to ruin everyone's fun. Sierra-Chris is another interesting combo that is getting plenty of screen time. I think its hilarious! Chris finally gets a contestant that worships him as much as he worships himself, and they take it too far. "The Chris-tians, but that name was already taken." Thank God that wasn't censored! (Ha, get it? XD) I think one of the things that saves this episode is the interesting challenge. I like that they're using real locations in some of the challenges. "I'm playing Heather." I thought at the beginning of the season, Sierra would just be remembered as the hyper girl who doesn't use her Total Drama knowledge to her advantage, but it's nice to see her show some initiative. "Best view in New York City." Ha! Great Sierra line! Sierra-Alejandro is much more interesting than any other Alejandro-Female interaction. Alejandro can't charm Sierra, she isn't interested in his rugged good looks or sexy ions... I don't remember where I was going with this, but I just thought I'd point it out... Again, loving Sierra stalking Chris!

DJ's confessional about Momma's back was funny! I'm surprised he didn't notice how high up he was though. It would have been funny if DJ fell and crushed a pigeon. Know what I'm sayin'? I love Sierra constantly saving Cody. Poor guy! Barely avoids dying, only to end up in the arms of Sierra. "Sometimes I hate Chris! Okay, all times!" As I'm sure many of you have noticed, Heather really isn't a villain anymore. She's just whiny. I do think by the end of the season we'll remember what made season one dramatic, but for now she's just whiny - not saying that's a bad thing, I think she's hilarious. okay, now I'm waiting for part two to load on YouTube... Still waiting... Big props to tdwtFULLEPISODES for uploading the full episodes of TDWT. That makes these reviews so much easier. The whole alligator scene was fun, and definitely shows how great the animating has become since TDI. Again, still loving Sierra-Chris! "Chris McLean was born in 1978!" Still, not a great line, but she's got such a great voice actor! "What's a baby carriage without a baby?" "Ooh! Ooh! A shopping cart!" Ha! It's rare that Owen will get a witty line, but it's very much appreciated. Tyler-Noah is another funny pair I'm sure will pop up now and then. It's kind of like Owen-Noah which must be why I like it. This song was okay, as far as I'm concerned, but Lindsay screaming in the middle of it was so annoying.

The bobbing for apples was cute and funny, but not as action-y as the other parts. "There were like six of us!" - Sierra about the Chris fan club. "Evil turtle!" Yay! DJ gets attacked! :D The thing with DJ's animal accidents is it's funniest when DJ is the one hurting the animal, except for the panda which was funny when it hurt DJ and when DJ hurt it! "You're so weird!" Yay CodyXSierra! DJ's turtle got eaten by a bigger turtle! The way he said "NOooooo! Why-hy-hy?!" was priceless. I loved the Chris-Chef scene by the fountain. It's nice to just see a normal day scene for the characters like when they were relaxing at the beginning of that lame episode where Lindsay got eliminated in TDI. "Noah regressed into a baby!" Ha! That poor baby's gonna be scarred for life. I hate that Team Amazon is constantly winning. I don't mind a winning team, just not them... Ooh, big shocker reward challenge... "Long enough for him to forget how creep- special you are." LOL! Badabababa, I'm lovin' Heather. "Have at it ladies!" Again, very nice, Chris! "This must be the booby prize." Giggity.

The Renny award goes to... Sierra! Very funny lines, very awesome in this episode.

I feel like this episode was lacking a lot. I feel like this episode was just recapping all the stuff that's already happened in TDWT. The laughs were too far apart, and the plots were recycled, so I give the episode... 6.5/10

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