I prefer to call it Drum-heck-er.

This episode is an idiot. For me, the megavideo upload plays for a twenty seconds and then ends. So, I'll be using the episode page summary and quotes to review this episode, so pardon me if this seems a little random. Alejandro's photo shopping shows that he's more than just a decent villain (Heather will always be number one), he's also a master of picture editing! Anyway, Sierra and Cody in the economy class was very funny, and I'm glad that it only took them twenty-three episodes for Cody to, seemingly, become more comfortable around Sierra. Sierra vs. Heather throughout the episode was really epic. My favorite dinosaur had to be Sierra's. It was sparklicious. (From the Latin sparkle.) The CodyxSierra was great in this episode, and Cody finally starting to return the feelings just feels right.

This was a pretty good challenge, I thought. It had a connection to the region it took place in, unlike some others that could have been done anywhere. Heather being afraid of Alejandro when he yelled at her was so out of character. Heather doesn't cower, end of story. She should have smacked him. Also, we now understand that Sierra isn't a complete stalker. She lets Cody pee alone! That takes a lot of class on Sierra's part. The song was great, one of my favorites of the season. Heather thinking Sierra was gonna kill her was hysterical.

The marshmallow ceremony was like a slap in the face. Four barf bag ceremonies and a marshmallow ceremony? WTF? I get that barf bags take longer than reading votes and doesn't work for ties, but really, they should have made time. Get rid of Courtney's lines, that would have saved a lot of time and increased ratings ten fold! And if you get rid of Courtney and still have some unused time, use more Noah and Tyler. Sierra blowing up the plane was win, such an epic way to end her competing in the series. And Cody worried about her!

Best lines of the episode:

  • Sarcasm doesn't count as a lie! - Heather
  • There must be twenty miles of badlands. It's like looking for a needle in... twenty miles of badlands! - Cody (I've been the badlands, they're appropriately named.)
  • Well, I let you go to the bathroom all the time! - Sierra

The winner of the Renny is Sierra. I salute you for making this season so great, and being epic until the bitter end.

This was another good episode. Can't say too much on it though, just decent. This episode gets... 7/10

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