Sorry this is late, I've been at camp all week being a CIT (I don't wanna hear any Courtney jokes.)

The episode's recap made me think a lot. Mostly about why they show new scenes in the recaps. This time it was Harold in a sumo wrestler's diaper. Why do they add new clips to the recap? Are they deleted scenes? Or do they just feel like messing with us? The Sierra-Cody moment was another awkward yet funny one. It's strange to me that this could somehow become a couple which I think it will by the end of the season. I think one of them will make it to the end and get together in the finale. Why does LeShawna suddenly miss Harold? I thought we established last week that she didn't care... See, here's the thing that makes Total Drama so confusing. They skip around with the storylines. Like when what's-her-face came back in TDA, she wasn't mad at Duncan for being friends with Gwen until the next episode. Or Gwen being mad at Trent for leaving her buried alive. It's a constant yet unavoidable annoyance. The Ezekiel cameo wasn't as good as the other one. The last one still had some mystery to it. This one was too obvious and I think these constant cameos are ruining the drama of any kind of possible return. (I will write the Ezekiel blog later.) The Noah-Bridgette moment was ridiculous. It came out of nowhere, but it was necessary so we could all remember that Bridgette has a boyfriend. And the "You can cuddle me buddy" from Owen was hilarious. I love the Noah-Owen team/friendship. The scrawny smart guy and the chubby fart guy working together. Am I the only one who kind of wishes that Sierra would creep on more people than Chris and Cody? I think it would be interesting to see her expand a little with her stalking. Maybe Heather can get some information out of Sierra?

"Thanks to global warming... and Owen. The Earth is finally becoming a lot more interesting." Ha! Classic. "Total Drama the Icicle." I feel bad for the people who don't know about "the Musical" and won't get the joke... The meaning really is completely lost without the original title. I love the running gag in this episode of Tyler being confused with Noah. That's just gotta hurt. Lindsay mistaking everybody else with Tyler was great, but now she thinks Tyler is Noah! Classic! Again, I'm loving Owen and Noah together in the challenge. Hopefully by the end of the season, we'll have a Noah-Owen Friendship... Oh, wait... we do...

"I'm not about to post an obituary on my Cody blog!" - Sierra, doing what she does best. I think Sierra saving Cody is an interesting plot that will probably come up a couple times this season. Bridgette is very weird this season. I think the reason her attraction to Alejandro is so painful to watch is because the writers won't let her enjoy it. All the other girls can love him all they want, but Bridgette kinda has a boyfriend. (I wonder if first-time viewers wonder who Geoff is. What if they think he's Owen, the only other guy with blond hair?) Another reason Alejandro-Bridgette isn't working is because he's being so creepy! as far as I'm concerned, Alejandro's charms work best when he's being subtle. But in this episode, it's like watching a Latino Cody. "Or dear Cody, if one of us drowns, I want it to be me!" "Me too..." These writers are working really hard on these Sierra-Cody moments, you can tell. In a sense its the Beth-Justin of the new season, but at the same time Beth-Justin was awful and Sierra-Cody is adorable. Sierra trying to save Cody is even funnier when she's the one inflicting pain! "All this ice, it's just like her freezer." DJ's lines about his momma have always been hit or miss. This one was a hit. "What can I do Courtney? I didn't make the alphabet." There's the old Heather we all know and love! Radioactive Izzy was great too, but I'd think she'd know what radioactivity was. Not saying she wouldn't still jump in the box, but she'd know what was in it.

"Try not to maim anymore animals out there today!" Poor Deej. "Followed your foot prints." She's so sweet, you know that? At the start of the season, I thought Sierra had a more annoying voice than certain singing chipmunks, but her voice just makes her so sweet. I just wanna pinch her cheeks and go "Who's creeping on Cody? Who's a sugar-addicted super fan? You are! Yes you are!" Anyway... One of the things that didn't make sense in the challenge was that the rest of the team who got off the river last had to somehow run ahead of the sled to a designated location, even though the sled started first and is going faster. Think Duncan is jealous of Heather? Watch the episode and you'll understand. "If you see anyone, call out." "Ooh! There's Tyler!" "Other than me!" Izzy-Tyler is a pretty fun combo too. See, my issue with the challenge continues: Noah ran. It just sickens me to see a nerd running. "I did... Until she said home." Miss. "I can't freeze, my Latin blood won't allow it." Is it just me, or is it getting hot in the Yukon? (Ooooh, yeah.) "So Harold's all 'You're a goddess!' And I'm all 'I know.'" Aw, that's so sweet. (Insert sad sigh here.) Why does LeShawna keep leading Harold on? He can do better. Maybe Sadie? As soon as I saw that baby seal I just said to myself, "No..." How can they keep doing this? it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen, but still.. It's not nice. And isn't it, like, animal abuse? I loved Lindsay barking. She's so funny when she's being painfully honest about DJ killing animals. Also, for those wondering, when DJ is eliminated, all those animals will be waiting for him on the Helipad of Losers.

Another cringe-worthy Alejandro-Bridgette moment. Another epic Sierra-Cody moment. Isn't it sad when Sierra is being more interesting than Alejandro? "They're making the world's largest cake!" "Ooh, what flavor?" "Who cares? It's cake!" Haha, classic Big O. "I am moving!" "No, you're mime-ing." Noah's classic line this episode. I made an XD face when he said that! (Making an XD face in real life hurts.) I literally have to skip the song every time I watch this episode. It's just so bad. "My first piano recital, broke the piano. I got into sport after that." At last, we understand Tyler! Owen calling after Al went on too long and got too awkward. Why doesn't Alejandro mind being called Al anymore? Chef's dummy was funny, I was starting to miss Chef this episode! "Alejandro! He's Eva!" I knew it. (I'll make a pic to prove it later) The ending with Tyler being mistaken for Noah again was pure win.

This week's Renny Award goes to... Noah. You were epic this episode, and I hope you last long!

This episode was great, lots of fun to watch, but the constant creepy Alejandro-Bridgette moments and awful song ruined it for me. Overall, I give this episode a... 7.5/10

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