I have noticed a few things here that I think are important to bring up.

First, is the image of Britney Spears in a bikini. I think this is inappropriate for the wiki as children use this website, even though wiki is meant for people thirteen years of age and older.

Another is that this picture is automatically going to be a featured image. With six oppose votes, it is wrong that this picture is automatically getting featured.

Another recent controversy about a picture is this pic. Here is the speech I made supporting it for Featured Image:

"This picture shows that we accept all type of people. Electing this picture shows that we don't care about people's sexuality. Electing this picture shows that, as a website, we have moved beyond bias and fear. You can say that it's wrong and inappropriate, but think about it; is a kiss inappropriate? NO! Do we see a kiss in this picture? NO!"

Okay, well, I'd like to hear some of your opinions. Feel free to leave comments.

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