Sadie isn't handling the news very well.

It is with a heavy heart, that I announce I'm dropping out of the election. There are many reasons behind this. One of them being that right now, I need to be focusing on school, another being I believe that somebody else deserves to be President. Six months is long enough for one person to be in charge. Also, due to some unfortunate real life family issues that I'm not interested in going into too much detail about, I'm gonna be gone from the wiki for a while. Not immediately, and I'm not quitting, but in the coming months, I'll be gone from the wiki for days at a time. It's just bad timing, it seems. I'm sorry to anybody disappointed by this, and I thank you for your support during the past six months.

EDIT: I'm not quitting. In the coming months, I just won't be able to be here all the time like I am. I'll stay active.

EDIT AGAIN: Again, I'm still not quitting. It's just that from October to who knows when, there will be times when I'm gone for like 2 or 3 days at a time. It isn't fair to you guys for me to stay in charge if I'm not gonna be here.

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