The Campers

Look at the candidates...


Now look at me.


Back at the other candidates...


Now back to me. Did you notice I'm editing this Wiki backwards?


Look up...


Look down...


I'm holding a bone club.

Justin's Hair Flip

Anything's possible when Nalyd Renrut it your President!

Paid for by the committee to elect Nalyd Renrut.

Anyway, onto the real purpose of this blog post. I'll be honest, I don't have a lot of ideas for new features, but maybe you guys do. I've always felt that the Wiki I want, is a Wiki that the users want. If I am reelected, I'll get more council meetings planned so we can get done what we need to get done, and I'd like to start informing users about what the council is going to discuss so everyone is in the know. While I don't really have any new features per say, like Attractions that we started, I'd still like to get a system running where the users get to choose new rollbacks and admins, as opposed to just the admins deciding. I'm going to make a blog post to help illustrate the users-elect-rollbacks process. I still want to let users watch council meetings. Thank you for reading, and remember, if you have an idea for the wiki I'll make a council meeting for it ASAP.

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