Its time for the third Aftermath; Aftermath Aftermayhem. I think a lot of us had our hopes up for this episode. Tyler and Noah were supposed to be interviewed, two of the funniest characters this season. And Gwen, we all wanted some Gwen-Trent Relationship moments! So did this episode with massive expectations live up to what we wanted? No, No, and Yes.

I'm not sure how I feel about Blaineley leaving... She was good and bad at times. Sometimes she delivered the necessary drama, other times she was just annoying. And with us wanting GxT, she should be there! Yay, she's back! Boo, she's being incredibly boring. I did like Geoff wanting her to die. Blaineley kidnapping Bridgette was hilarious! Bridgette is so boring anyway. I get it, she's the voice of reason. She's also the voice of "Shut up, Bridgette, Geoff is doing something!" "Urge to murder!" I love that Geoff has been filled with murderous rage. What do you mean Tyler flirted with Courtney? That man-loser flirted with Tyler! (By which I mean, Courtney loses men, and she is a man and a loser. Tee hee.) The bet between LeShawna and Trent was funny. Sierra getting bitten by the ostrich was the funniest that's gonna leave a mark in a long time. Second chance challenge means no Noah, Tyler or Gwen interviews... NOOOOO! Hooray for GxT! The peanut can getting lodged into Sadie's fat was hysterical! Hm... I think I like Tyler getting injured better than Tyler being interviewed.

Noah's high-pitch "Ow!" was perhaps the funniest thing he's ever said! It's definitely in the top five (Like Noah should have been this season). Beth being up there seemed really out of place. We all know she has no chance, so why even put her there? "Is he? No, stay on point!" I'm really loving Geoff this season! I really liked the song (Very Russian grandparents, so I love Russian music). Blaineley said "booby." I'll admit it, I thought the Blaineley clips were funny. Sue me. "My mom always said if you can fart and burp at the same time, you have no soul." HAHAHA! Whaaaat? Lindsay breathes fire now?! Well, I always thought she was... hot. Okay, end the GwenXTrent here. Unless one of them is gonna say "Sorry for everything" or something like that, just end it. They're on good terms with each other, seeing them pal around is great. Anymore and they could screw it up, any less and we're left with virtually nothing.

I loved Noah in this episode. He would have been a million times better being interviewed, but I guess this was good enough. LeShawna and Harold were great in this episode too. By the end of the season they need to hook up. I think even people who don't like the couple agree that LeShawna really turns into a jerk when she's shooting Harold down.

Heather has ten toes.
Webbed feet for summer swimming.
She's fast in water.

Lindsay's seal thing was funny, but too weird. Sierra is the seal, not Lindsay. Beth chasing the intern was hilarious. "I always get my man!" "They'll edit me into some shrill catty rude monster!" Yeah, that'll take a lot of editing.

This was a really good Aftermath, and it's hard to pick a Renny Award winner... It will be Tyler, Noah, Beth, Geoff, or Gwen... Gwen is out... Tyler's out... Beth is out... The Renny Award goes to Geoff.

This was another impressive Aftermath. Maybe we'll never get another interview-Aftermath again, but I'm starting this episode wouldn't have been as good if it was an interview one. This episode did lack some important character development... 7/10

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