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I don't know what I wanted out of Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, but I didn't get it. Maybe four was just too many to feature, AND have a telethon. It was creative and very original, but just wasn't great. I was hoping for a REAL Drama Brothers song, but I was surprisingly satisfied with Bridgette and Geoff singing, even though Geoff was OBVIOUSLY auto-tuned (they all are, but Geoff's was noticeable, but I liked it). "Save this show with love... And five hundred thousand dollars!" "She tried, they said no." The way he said that sounded just like my friend, which made me laugh. Bridgette's warning about the fish tails was great, but I wanna hear from the eliminated players... "When you get it wet, it's a wet T!" Little known fact: I once suggested a challenge in RP be a wet t-shirt contest. I was not immediately shot down. (XD) I loved Blaineley or whatever her name is (Excuse my spelling) explaining everyone on the phones, especially when Harold added "I'm very thorough." "All you Ezekiel and Duncan fans, keep dialing!" Fedora, how much did you donate? I loved Total Drama Fugitive Italian style! The music and the clip itself were perfect.

I was sad that Lindsay didn't really get an interview, and DJ didn't either. Geoff's right, DJ was best hurting animals, but it stopped being funny after the seagull in the Alps, that was the last good one. And I love the way Geoff says "Why don't you pet that liiiiittle billy goat?" I've been waiting for a mass attack all season! But I didn't like it. "Tyler! They're stealing my lip gloss!" I love Lindsay. I've been waiting weeks for this Aftermath, anticipating the ultimate getting together of LeShawna and Harold, but I was devastated that it didn't happen, especially after last season where she ADMITTED she liked him back. LeShawna's montage was fail, but at least she's being interviewed... Would be nice if they interviewed her about HAROLD. Geoff talking about his girl not being the only one to fall for Al would have been a great way to bring Harold in!

I've always loved the LeShawna-Can't-Dance gag, and I'm sad we don't have any gags that went from TDI to TDWT, just TDA to TDWT. I really liked LeShawna's song. All the single ladies, all the single ladies... I mean Sisters... Harold dancing along was win. "LeShawna fans, call and donate so she can stop dancing!" Alright, KG, how much did ya donate? Harold and LeShawna "flirting" was sooo cute, lol. :3 Alejandro's yummy tape was "Yummy" said one infatuated admin who shall remain nameless (Her name rhymes with TreeMugs.) Really, Izzy was asked NO questions about Owen? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Genius Izzy was funny, but still... Also, Izzy totally looked like a red-head Sarah Palin. All she needs is an Alaskan accent and a moose. "Your grammar is appalling." HAHAHA! Still want Owen questions... Brain blast was fail. And that was not old Izzy, that was failure. "Hey, where'd the universe go?" "Better hit it with a hammer just to be sure!" There's old Izzy!

The Renny Award goes to Geoff for his epic singing (Auto-tuned at the very end too) and hilarious lines.

This wasn't a great Aftermath, but I do appreciate they wanted something different... 7/10

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