Again, thanks to tdwtFULLEPISODES for making these reviews so easy.

Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water was the first Aftermath of the season. As I'm sure everyone remembers, the TDA Aftermaths were pretty hard to remember... Nothing happened during them. Gwen and Trent didn't get back together... Bridgette and Geoff fought, they broke up, they kissed, they maked up. (Maked isn't a word, but it sounded better, didn't it?) Almost half of the TDA cast (the final six before Owen came, and Bridgette and Geoff) didn't even get interviewed. Maybe that was a good thing because Bridgette and Geoff were so boring. BxG were so much better when Geoff was failing as a boyfriend by comparing him to his friend Evan's MILF "Really hot mom." (Yeah, I went there. Edgy. I know.) The making out was funny at first but it's so annoying at this point. They took the human quality from Bridgette and Geoff's relationship and sucked it out, made it so they can't even make up without making out. Anyway, enough on those two, onto the real episode.

Thank you for showing that cringe-worthy Noah hugging Bridgette moment for those of us who didn't scream in disgust the first time. And is it just me, or is it a little depressing to see so few people in the Peanut Gallery? "We've got the juiciest dirt and the dirtiest juice." Giggity. Also, really how much dirt can there be to dish, it's Harold and Bridgette! Harold who did nothing this season and Bridgette who made out with Alejandro and a pole. The thing is, in an Aftermath, the guests need to have been interesting on the show for the Aftermath to be any good. Like Trent-Izzy in the first Aftermath worked because Izzy's just awesome and Trent had drama. DJ-Gwen didn't work as well, but it was still a decent watch. Owen-Heather-LeShawna only got drama from Heather and LeShawna, but the third Aftermath was still the best one ever because the guests were interesting. And now I'm only two minutes into the episode and I've written two paragraphs. Throwing Geoff into a round of Truth or Hammer was about a random time-filler as they could find. "The first contestant in Total Drama history to quit." Wouldn't it be funny if the guy who wrote this episode watched TDA and saw DJ quit, or at least all the people who voted themselves off? I loved Eva vs. the Scottsman! Aye, Lassie. Eva is awesome this episode. "Who could fake that level of profanity?" Ha! I'm glad they have Blainely hosting, she's so funny. "You just said Ezekiel and cool in the same sentence!" Er... Okay, thanks for that Justin... Go back to whining about stupidly high nets and living in Canada or something, those were funnier days. Spoiler Alert: Ezekiel got caught in the plane's engine and is now a ghost. See? Katie even confirmed it.

"But I'm no surfer, unless you count the net. Plus I've never kissed any dudes." Ha! Here's a bit of advice for you; When your buddy is trying to pee on a tree, don't start talking to him or even near him. Really Harold, you deserved that. "That's a lot of googlies." Then Harold was kicked in the googlies cause he deserved it. "In Alaska its illegal to talk to someone when they moose hunt." Alaska's a wacky place. The thing that bugged me about the montage was that it was just Harold being annoying. I miss the Harold of old! Is anybody else thinking that LeShawnaXHarold are going to hook up by the end of the season, maybe even the next Aftermath? Whenever she isn't returning Harold's feelings, LeShawna comes off as a total jerk. Those of you who read my Celebrity Manhunt review will remember my opinion of the Drama Brothers; I don't remember the opinion but then again I didn't read it, I just wrote it. I have very mixed feelings on the song. I think the pre-rap part is horrible, but the rapping part is great. Except some awkward lines, the rest of it is great. "Sexy ions." Tee hee!

I loved Blainely freaking out over Justin! She's so funny. So is Eva. Which one will win the Renny award?! Find out later. (Or skip to the end of the blog and come back to read the rest.) I loved DJ getting pwnd by Tsing-Tsing again! I loved the polar bear and cub. "Chillin like a villain." He that's my thing cause I'm Dylan Felipe... I love it when Chef and Izzy fight! "You sure I can't do it by text?" Wow... Out of context that sounds... Anyway, it's almost sad that Bridgette would even consider texting Geoff how she feels. I think it would be much easier to tell him this:

Never gonna give you up!
never gonna let you down!
Never gonna run around and desert you!


I really didn't like Bridgette's song. I personally prefer upbeat songs with multiple singers, but I liked Geoff's comments during the song. I think we can all agree Bridgette looked hot though. "I felt some dude up." ... Am I the only one who is really confused on the meaning of "felt some dude up"? I'm not certain, but I think it doesn't mean kissing once by accident. The entire part about how she likes Geoff all the way up to happy happy dance are so cringe worthy, I had to skip over them for the sake of the review. "Truth or tractor trailer?" Haha, pure win! How come all the fans on the webcam are super nerdy? Why can't some hot chick be somebody's biggest fan? Maybe my biggest fan, that wouldn't be too bad. "Ale-hanus!" ... Lame. Again, awful make-up-make-out. "So much better than that pole!" Giggity. Giggity. Goo.

The Renny award goes to... Eva. Thanks to her impressive sign-off, I will be tuning in for next week!

This episode was lacking in some parts, and didn't really have any wildly funny/unpredictable moments... 6.5/10

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