It's hard to believe this season is almost over, it's harder to believe how many episodes Nalyd still has to review.

It seems like it will be nearly impossible for the writers to fix Duncan and Courtney's relationship at this point. And DuncanXGwen never had an official end to it. So what could have been an epic storyline turned out to be really anticlimactic. Cody being immobilized this episode and being carried around by Sierra basically sums him up this season. He is now literally nothing without Sierra. I loved the penalty parka! I don't know why, I just like the way Chris says it. "Behold the penalty parka!" Is anybody else sick of Alejandro godplaying? We get it, you're the Latino Superman (El Hombre Super?) but just stop. Sierra's a godplayer too, but I think it's just cause she's constantly hyper. Alejandro, you have no excuse. "My brother Carlos is a professional soccer player." How does that explain why Alejandro's good at soccer? If Carlos is a professional soccer player, then I'm the queen of Mars.

I'll admit it, I'm not made of stone, I feel bad for Ezekiel. He's taken a lot of abuse this season, and it all seems like it's for nothing. "Technically, you beat your gourd with a cricket bat." Haha. Wait, why is Duncan teaming up with Alejandro? Doesn't he, like, hate the guy? Sierra running from the rhino was hilarious. (Wow, the episode has ten minutes left to it, and I've enjoyed almost none of it.) "See? I'm helping." Hahaha! To really appreciate the line, you need to see Heather "helping." "Well it doesn't take long to fall under his manly spell." It's true, Noah fell for Cody's charm long ago. "Did you, or did you not steal a car?" "I was framed!" I wish they did more jokes about Duncan being a criminal, I think they'd be great. The song was alright. I liked the beat, the singing was good, the lyrics were good, Sierra was hysterical, but I wish they'd done more with it.

"Even I'm not that ruthless." I miss the old Heather, who'd kiss somebody else's boyfriend or give you laxatives. But, it's weird, I like the new Heather too. TDA/WT Heather has been great in a different way. In season one she was fun to watch because she caused drama. Season two and three she complains a lot, but she's still epic. GASP! Sierra smelled Cody's shoe! Hm... Could all the stalking she did over the season end up helping Cody somehow? Sierra clearly learned from DJ, did you see her pwn those monkeys? And Zeke is back on the plane. I think if he was going to return, this should have been the episode that he does it, he could go in the next episode for all I care, it was gonna be a reward anyway. Duncan's elimination was pretty empty. I mean, who else could have gone? Except, maybe, CODY WHO HAS DONE NOTHING. Also, whats up with no barf bags? Those made the show more fun. They can't even do the voting right, Alejandro has immunity, how does he have a vote? Heather's confessional at the end was funny.

The Renny Award goes to... Chris, Alejandro, Cody, Duncan... Heather, for having some epic moments in the episode, and still accomplishing to have strategy.

This was a very dull episode. Duncan and Cody were just there, Alejandro and Heather's love-hate thing got old quickly, and Sierra was... Sierra. There were some good laughs and the song was good... 6/10

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