Last night, the first vote of The Game: The Sequel occurred. Unfortunately, for what I believe to be the first time in 35 days of doing The Game, I was unable to do the vote on time. Something came up which I have no interest in disclosing.

I figured, "Well people will be bummed, but they'll understand. There's things more important than the internet."

I was wrong.

I got comments such as "That is just messed up. :C" and "Seriously? -.-"

Honestly, it was comments like these that seriously made me just cancelling the rest of the season. I figured "I don't need to deal with this, if this is how people are going to act, why bother?"

But I came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be fair to people actually participating in The Game and being patient.

So I'd like to ask not to be ambushed on the IRC every time I log on with requests to update and make everything happen earlier. Just cut it out.

I'm already fairly certain this is going to be the last season of The Game, but if this continues I can absolutely guarantee that it will be.

Please be patient.

Thank you for reading.


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