• NaffiO

    TD5 ideas...

    January 8, 2012 by NaffiO

    Okay so basically if you've been watching the French version of TDROTI you'll see it's over... so I'm going to be making some predictions for season 5 :p.

    1) next season will be a jumble of old and new characters.

    2) next season will be called "Total Drama Revenge of the Set" (I claim copyright to this phrase :3) this isn't likely, but wouldn't it be epic?

    3) future conflicts will be Duncan/Scott or Alejandro/Scott, Anne Maria/ Heather, and Jo/Eva.

    4)Alejandro will be back to normal along with Heather. Not sure about Dakota or Staci though...(seriously what's with all these long term appearance changes? Are they the writer sick joke or something? It was funny when it happend to Heather, but now it's over done.)

    So yeah... anybody else have idea…

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