Hi! If I could creAte a season this would be the main info. I want to thank everyone for the support on my last blog "The age of our favorite characters". I hope I can feedback on this one, ways I could improve it, and your own season ideas. Thanks

Alliances Jo+Anne Maria Jasmine+Gwen+Bridgette+DJ+Dawn Bridgette+DJ+Samey (after Gwen dawn and Jasmine are eliminated.) Topher+Scarlett

Antagonist Amy(Main) Jo Anne Maria Scarlett Protagonist DJ, Bridgette Sammy

24. B Orange Team He wasn't useful in the challenge so Jo and Anne Maria Convinced the others to vote him off.

23.Sadie Orange Team She and Katie were not present at any of the challenges.

22.Geoff Blue Team His party obsessed aditude inspired his team but Amy tricked him into losing the challenge.

21.Eva Blue Team Her anger issues annoyed her team.

20.Jo Orange Team Amy manipulated her into losing the challenge for the team.

19.Lindsay Blue Team In the Dodgeball challenge she did not participate at all annoying her team.

18. Brick Blue Team He lost the challenge for the team and he owed the other team for stealing info.

17.Shawn Blue Team Scarlett and Topher knew that he got to the finals in PI so they voted him off.

16. Anne Maria Orange Team The others knew that she was in a alliance with Jo so they knew she was up to no good.

15.Topher Blue Team His knowledge of Chris annoyed his team. It was unanimous except for one vote.

14.Tyler Blue Team He got seriously injured in the challenge. There was no vote and he was eliminated.

13.Scarlett Blue Team She could not resist acting evil again so Chris disqualified her.


12.Jasmine 1st Jury Member Orange Team Bossed around her alliance with Gwen, Bridgette, DJ, and Dawn too much.

11. Izzy 2nd Jury Member Orange Team Noah was supposed to be eliminated but Izzy destroyed Chef's cabin.

10. Katie 3rd Jury Member Blue Team She thought about Sadie in the Challenge and annoyed her teammate for the challenge Noah way to much.

9.Gwen 4th Jury Member Orange Team In the eating challenge she refused to eat anything and was posed by Amy that she stole the others personal items.

8.Leshawna 5th Jury Member Blue Team In the clothes dressing challenge she was distracted by Her opponents and she came last in the challenge. There was no vote so she was eliminated

7.Ella 6th Jury Member Orange Team Amy was planned to be eliminated but she had the immunity idol, so Ella was eliminated.

6.Dawn 7th Jury Member Blue Team Amy sabotaged her talent display so she came in last.

5.Amy 8th Jury Member Orange Team Bridgette, DJ, and Sammy voted her off for being a jerk and causing so many eliminations.

4. Sammy 9th Jury Member Orange Team She came last in the race because Chris sprayed her with Siracha.

3/2/1. Noah Orange Team Won 4-2-2

3/2/1. Bridgette Blue Team Won 5-3-0

3/2/1. DJ Orange Team Won 5-2-1

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