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    Hi! If I could creAte a season this would be the main info. I want to thank everyone for the support on my last blog "The age of our favorite characters". I hope I can feedback on this one, ways I could improve it, and your own season ideas. Thanks

    Alliances Jo+Anne Maria Jasmine+Gwen+Bridgette+DJ+Dawn Bridgette+DJ+Samey (after Gwen dawn and Jasmine are eliminated.) Topher+Scarlett

    Antagonist Amy(Main) Jo Anne Maria Scarlett Protagonist DJ, Bridgette Sammy

    24. B Orange Team He wasn't useful in the challenge so Jo and Anne Maria Convinced the others to vote him off.

    23.Sadie Orange Team She and Katie were not present at any of the challenges.

    22.Geoff Blue Team His party obsessed aditude inspired his team but Amy tricked him into losing the ch…

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    Hi! I am writing this about our favorite charecters. First I'll talk about Cody. He turned 17 in TDWT so that means by pakitew island he is 19. Now I will talk about Gwen. By total Drama all-stars she is 18. When Chris started the season every character was 16. This means by total drama allstars the revenge of the island charcters were 17. This means relationships like Scott and Courtney are really unbalanced in terms of age.

    List of ages (as of pakitew island)

    Generation I 19 Generation II 18 Generation III 16

    Thank You for reading this. -Izzy

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