Okay, honestly? I usually hate drama blogs, but I'm putting my foot down.

Yesterday, one of our admins, Breakingmikey was banned for a period of three days. You want to know why? He called another user "a**hole". Twice. He abused his admin powers, and later called another set of people idiots in private.

This kind of behavior is considered harassment, made worse by the fact that he's an admin, whose job is to PREVENT this sort of thing.

There was a meeting (this sort of thing usually receives an automatic ban, but since this was a sensitive issue we had to consult one another) and Mikey seemed to understand what he had done wrong. He then banned himself for one week, even though it was supposed to be three days, and then posted up the meeting's transcript on another wiki and showed it to everyone on the IRC.

Fine, it didn't matter, council was probably going to be made public eventually anyway. He harassed another user and was banned fairly. No amount of justification would change that.

But would you like to know what Ale-Alejandro's response to this was? She thought it was unfair. She thought that it was unfair that we were punishing someone for harassment. Her defense was the most incredibly invalid thing I have ever witnessed:

"Like I haven't seen A MILLION people do that.."

Millions of people kill other people. Does that make it right? Does that mean the law should just go, "Eh, it happens a million times, who cares?"

Here's the thing, whenever I ask her who these users are or whether she has proof of their behavior (EVERYONE is innocent until proven guilty, no amount of complaining will lead anywhere unless you have any actual solid proof), she shrugs it off and refuses, claiming that ANOTHER admin had seen her proof. She also never told me who this admin is.

Also, just because other people are behaving in an intimidating manner, that does not give you the right to do so. "____ did it too!" is never going to be a proper excuse.

Now, I was willing to let this go. If Ale wanted to keep complaining about mystery users and justify harassment, it's no skin off my nose.

HOWEVER, later that day I see Ale's self-created wiki, on which she had posted a blog about, you guessed it, me. The blog was generally angry and annoyed, claiming that everyone had caught "b**ch disease". She then mentioned me, saying that asking for proof had prompted the reaction, "Really, b**ch?" from her. She went on to say that I was wrong to have stood up for another user's rights, and that the idea of someone being punished for treating another person badly wasn't okay.

Made hilarious by the fact that she calls even the simplest of comments "rude". It isn't rude unless it's directed at one of your friends or the person making it isn't one, huh?

She then states: "LOOK. AROUND. YOU. Do you see lots of users running around on rainbows and making cakes? No. You see people fighting."

And that's okay now? Since there's so much fighting we should just BE OKAY WITH IT INSTEAD OF TRYING TO SETTLE IT? So basically, if someone starts screaming filth at you from across the room, security should just stand there doing nothing?

You all talk about how council is corrupt and bias, yet most of you act like this? Most of council liked Mikey, yet we acted responsibly and voted based on his actions, not how we felt about him. Then we get, "OMG WHY DID YOU BAN MIKEY HE WAS MY BFF. :'(" when we tell you. Nice.

I really don't care how many people (such as Ale) call me a b**ch for standing up for user rights, I will always continue to do so, no matter how popular or special the accused is.

Now, before someone makes an exasperated comment about this being a drama blog or that I should have stayed quiet instead of voicing my opinions, I say this: I'm not going to let people trample me or anyone else like this, and the wiki deserves to know the truth about why Mikey was banned, and why it happened.

If anyone ever harasses you, contact an admin. No matter what people say, we actually do care, and just because we don't ban people for blunt comments or negative opinions that doesn't mean we let harassment slide by.

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