Mughees J. Simpson

aka Mughees.

  • I was born on October 19
  • Mughees J. Simpson

    An intern is seen fumbling nervously with a stagelight, trying to get it to focus on Chris. He is visibly annoyed.

    Chris: Dude, is it really that hard to get it to focus on my precious face? 

    The intern's supervisor, who goes by the name of Harold, pushes him aside and manages the lighting. He then gives Chris the signal that indicates that they've started recording. 

    Chris: People of Canada! We're coming to you live from a warehouse in Toronto where fourteen contestants are just about to embark on a journey of hardships, heartbreak and pain. Oh, (grins), LOTS of pain!

    He walks over to a wide-screen television and stands next to it. The living room is shown, knick-knacks and magazines scattered on the coffee table. The cushions on the red velv…

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