Ok So simply my thoughts :) I am not posting locations as I am not quite sure on those...

Eliminated..... Name..............Second Possibility

First...... Duncan

Second.. Zeke y


Fourth.. Bridgette

Fifth..... LeShawna

Sixth.... Izzy

Seventh. DJ

MERGE-Izzy and Duncan Return

Eight... Gwen

Ninth... Duncan

Tenth... Courtney--------------Lindsay

Eleventh. Alejandro----------------Alejandro





Ok my final five would thus be.... Noah, Cody, Sierra, Heather, Izzy.

The next person eliminated is Izzy. I honestly don't think she will make it any further based on her competiters.

Final 4....

The final four is Noah, Cody , Sierra and Heather.

The next person eliminated is Noah... Keeping it boy-girl Even, he would be next. Although I prefer Noah over Cody, I just don't think he would beat the other 3.

Final 3....****

The Final 3 is Cody, Sierra and Heather.

The next person eliminated is Sierra... Again A boy-girl finale is always best. I figured Sierra would leave because, Heather will likely win imunity and Sierra will drop out so Cody can have a chance at winning. Plus I have a couple of rules for final two's. 1. Boy and Girl Needed. 2. Both should be in some kind of relation ship.( Yes I figured Heather would be in one with either Noah or some one else.... Maybe DJ.) and 3. Both should be oppisites.

That would make the final 2..... Cody and Heather!

The winner would then be.... Heather!

Now usually antagonists lose right? But I am going to assume this season she wont be as bad as she was so she will be a semi evil semi good so more like an anti Hero. Heather would win due to more fan base than Cody- Plus she is my favorite so yeah xD But ultimatly in the end the money is lost....

NOTE I DO NOT THINK IT WILL BE A FINAL 2! So this is where the **** Comes in....

Instead of Sierra getting eliminated it would have been a final 3( not 2). Now with Sierra and Cody, I would assume Sierra would help Cody win, and because of that in this version Cody would win- Not Heather!

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