Total Drama All Stars

Chris had fourteen favorites return for another season (after he got out of prison). He decided the best way to get them here was to forge their signatures and fly them here in a plane. Duncan, Mike, Stephen, Zoey, Gwen, Brick, Alejandro, Lightning, Heather, Scott, Cody, Anne Maria, Justin and Dawn were all SUPPOSED to be competing that day. Lightning turned down the offer for the super bowl, and since Chris couldn't really force him to skip the super bowl he put Sierra in his place. Chris welcomed the campers back to the island, for he knew this would be the best season ever...

Heroes Vs Villains

Chris put on the heroic hamsters:

Sierra, Zoey, Mike, Stephen, Gwen, Brick and Cody.

And on the Villainous Vultures:

Justin, Anne Maria, Heather, Alejandro, Duncan, Scott and Dawn.

Brick and Dawn complained that they should be on opposite teams, and that Brick was evil and Dawn was nice. But then Chris gave both of them a big look into the past: Brick only FOLLOWED Scott and did what he said, then got eliminated and saluted everyone like a hero. And that Dawn was always in love in Scott and said she'd do ANYTHING for him. They both started to agree, but still had second thoughts.

Chris started to explain the first challenge, which was that the campers would, like the first season, have to jump off a cliff, except this time it would be to find a key to a spa hotel. Heather loved the idea of a spa at the moment and said in a confessional that she could kill for it! She wanted to win that challenge!

Everyone started to head off to the cliff. Stephen looked over at Alejandro thinking: "I know that he's up to something...I'll just have to wait and see though..." Gwen saw this and reassured Stephen. Saying that she wouldn't go for Alejandro or try to eliminate Stephen again. He believed her; why wouldn't he? She was his girlfriend......right? Or was she just playing him again? Stephen couldn't be too sure now that Alejandro was back. He couldn't believe what he was thinking, but it was true: Gwen could be lying to him. And maybe; just maybe he'd have to end the pain before she could start it...

Once on the cliff everyone waited until Chris flew up with his jet pack to say one last thing. Chris said that someone would have to go back down the cliff and go to the strollers to push the campers to the spa hotel. Mike and Zoey offered to do it, but said it at the same time. Chris just dragged down Mike to do it. As he got pulled down he said to her "Good luck Zoey!" She waved back and got ready. Once Mike was down on the ground Chris went back for the villains. Anne Maria offered to do it because she didn't want to get her hair wet. Chris didn't really care about her hair, but he let her do it anyways. Then the challenge began.

Hey guys! If you have noticed, this isn't finished! I'll be working on it ALL summer and stuff like that. Same with the rest of the series! It's getting totally rewritten! I just edited more of it as you can see! I'll be keeping this right here until I finish it all! So I hope you like it...


(Confessional) Heather: so gone! He didn't even try to win the challenge! I want him gone NOW!

(Confessional) Justin: They wouldn't dare vote for me, I'm too special to be eliminated, maybe Dawn should go?

(Confessional) Scott: I don't need a girl following me around all day trying to date me! That's what the pigs on the farm are for--(Stutters)--I mean...whatever, I vote for Dawn!

So there you have it! Tell me what you think about how the season looks so far and if you don't like it, let me know! I'll be working on this for awhile but it will all be worth it in the end!

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