Total Drama World Tour

As the 19 competitors made their way down the runway Stephen couldn't help but think that Alejandro was evil, with his perfect Latin body. But if he tried to steal Gwen from him he'd get it. Stephen wasn't focusing on where he was walking any more and walked into the person who flies the plain. Chef Hatchet was in a good mood though, so Stephen was fine.

Walk Like An Egyptian Part One

Stephen was greeted by Alejandro as he said that he loved what he did to make it through the seasons. Stephen told him that he just was like that, he didn't act. Chris told them they were going to Egypt and Stephen ran over to Gwen who was asleep. "Good. No sign of Alejandro, Gwen still likes me." Chris then told them to sign a song. The song they sang lasted until the plain landed. Sierra ran over to Stephen and Gwen after the plain landed and asked for their auto graph. They both signed the paper. When they landed in Egypt Chris told them what they had to do, so Gwen and Stephen decided to go in the pyramid instead of going on top of it. Gwen ran into a glass animal and almost broke it, but Stephen caught it. Gwen and him sighed and continued forward. Then Stephen just missed being shot with a arrow. Gwen made it across also, and they made it out first. Before the challenge ended there was another song, but Harold refused to sing. He said he'd rather rap, so he was automatically eliminated. Chris announced after everyone got passed the finish line that there would be three teams. On Team Victory there was Gwen, Cody, Trent, Alejandro, Sierra, and Stephen. Stephen thought to himself how lucky he was getting "Why? Could this be my season?" On the Team Chris Is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot there was DJ, Leshawna, Eva, Duncan, Geoff, and Katie. On the team Team Amazon there was Izzy, Courtney, Noah, Justin, Lindsay, and Heather. Stephen and his team received a stick for coming in first. 

Walk Like An Egyptian Part Two

Stephen looked hard at the stick and saw that it was rumbling when he pointed it in one direction. Then he screamed out that it could lead them to water. They followed the rumbling and became the first ones their. Sierra said she was a fourth generation boat maker. She made a boat very quickly and they were out in the river. The next two teams finished making their boats at the time Stephens team was half way to the other side. Chris told them to sing again, and that made some of the contestants very mad. At the end of the song Team Victory (Stephen, Gwen, Cody, Trent, Alejandro, and Sierra) came in first, Team Amazon in second, and Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot lost there award and lost that part of the challenge, so they had to eliminate someone.


DJ: Katie

Katie: Geoff

Eva: Geoff

Duncan: Geoff

Geoff: Katie

Leshawna: Eva

Geoff was eliminated for yelling at everyone for there "terrible boat making skills!" He was very saddened by leaving this early.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

Stephen woke up before any other contestant on the plain, and kissed Gwen. She then woke up and they explored the plain for a little bit. Alejandro woke up a little bit later and spied on Stephen and Gwen planning some thing. Chris told everyone what the challenge was as soon as they all arrived at their destination, Japan. Stephen went first in the giant pinball machine. While he was scoring more points then the others Alejandro started talking to Gwen. Stephen saw this and almost died inside. Then he ran into a point where he couldn't stop getting points. He got stuck between two of the things you get points from in the pin ball machine. He won that part of the challenge for his team. For the next part of the challenge Stephen said they should do random things. Luckily for Stephen even though Chris only gave Team Victory a score of 7 Chef gave them a 10.9. Chris questioned himself why he even had that card in there. Team Amazon came in last and was sent to the chopping block.


Izzy: Noah

Heather: Courtney

Noah: Courtney

Lindsay: Courtney

Courtney: Heather

Justin: Heather

Courtney went home for her constant "I'm a C.I.T.!" Stuff, and because she's the reason they lost the challenge.

Anything Yukan Do, I Can Do Better

Gwen awoke with Alejandro next to her with his shirt off, she said "Very funny, really..." Stephen ran in and saw this and was in fact a little jealous, but he urgently needed to tell her something. He told her where the next challenge was and she almost died from terror, she hated the cold. Then when they finally arrived Chris explained everything, and they were off. Alejandro got across first, then Stephen, and after him came Gwen. Cody and Sierra fell in the water and Duncan pulled them out. He said that he didn't mind saving chumps. Alejandro pulled Stephen and Gwen, and they went to the next check point and picked up Cody and Sierra. Trent was at the last check point waiting in the cold talking to Justin. Team Amazon was was right behind Team Victory (Alejandro, Gwen, Trent, Cody, Sierra, and Stephen.) And behind Team Amazon was team Chris Is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot, or as Chris called it, " Team Chris Is Super Smoking," or " Chris Is Flaming," they caught up to Team Amazon, and soon got in front of Team Victory. Each team needed their last person at the last check point. Stephen got Trent on the sled, Team Amazon picked up Justin, and Team Chris Is Flaming got Leshawna, and Team Chris Is Flaming tied with Team Amazon. That meant Team Victory wasn't very victorious this time.


Stephen: Alejandro

Trent: Alejandro

Gwen: Alejandro

Alejandro: Cody

Cody: Sierra

Sierra: Alejandro

With four votes agents him Alejandro was eliminated, and for fun Chris eliminated Trent also, and both of them were thrown out of the plain. He vowed to return, but Trent didn't say anything, Alejandro said he'd get everyone out who voted for him.

Broadway Baby!

Stephen was happy he could sleep without having to worry about that stupid Alejandro stealing Gwen from him, but all the food in his stomach came back up when Chris announced there would be aftermath on that season, because that meant Alejandro could return in the game... and steal Gwen! When they arrived in new york Stephen and Gwen were amazed at the wonder land. Gwen almost missed a grab on the Statue of Liberty, but Stephen held her up. They made it to the top first. Gwen screamed when the alligator bit into the side of their boat because it started to sink. Then Stephen thought about how Alejandro could have probably charmed the alligator with his chest, but how could he do that now? He wasn't in the game any more. Stephen, Cody, Gwen, and Sierra swam for their lives after the boat sank deep into the water, while swimming Stephen was gazing off into his mind about how they could've already been in first class right now if they would have had Alejandro on their team, or just in the game. They came in last and Team Amazon won the challenge. Everyone on Team Victory sighed after Chris said it was a non-elimination challenge.

AfterMath: Alejandro Over Troubled Water

The new hosts of The Aftermath (Ezekiel and Sadie) recapped all the episodes the following aftermath, and then Alejandro came on and Ezekiel both at once told him the great news. The entire audience gasped and started chatting. They couldn't believe what was happening, "Could it be true?" Some said, others were glad, and some were miserable about what happened.

Slap, Slap Revolution

Noah woke up to the sounds of slapping, and stomping. "Ugh!" He said then went back to sleep. Stephen ended up waking up last because he was up all night hearing the same message in his head of Alejandro saying, " Stephen, don't worry we're friends, but Gwen's mine now!" and he'd be holding her, Stephen threw up once or twice that night, but was sure he would be ready for the challenge. Team Amazon had the advantage because Chris failed to mention to the losing teams last challenge that Team Amazon got a reward. They finished their sausage right before Stephens team finished theirs. Team Amazon hit a rock and their sausage popped. Team Chris is Super Hotty Hot came in second behind Stephens team and Team Amazon came in last place. For the next part of the challenge Team Amazon lost again and Team Chris is Too Smoking to Be True, and Team Victory cheered to themselves. But Stephen didn't, he couldn't. He knew Alejandro was coming back, because Chris even said so and laughed like a maniac.


Izzy: Justin

Lindsay: Noah

Heather: Izzy

Justin: Izzy

Noah: Heather

Izzy went home that night for crashing their sausage, and jumping off of her plat form, he didn't even question her elimination, never.

The Am-AH-Zon Race

The plain landed in the amazon, and team amazon shrugged and decided not to jinx it, at least not on the losing streak they just had. Team Amazon went left and so did Team Chris is Not, Not, Super dooper Hot. Team Victory went to the right and got captured by the men in the amazon that Chris warned them about. Team Chris is Too Hot That He's Burning won the challenge, and Team Amazon came in second place. "Well, Gwen I think we don't have too good of luck right now." She shrugged and walked away from him. Stephen wondered what her deal was. Gwen turned back in tears and ran away to the plain, Stephen ran after her but she didn't say anything to him.


Stephen: Sierra

Gwen: Stephen

Cody: Stephen

Sierra: Gwen

Stephen was being pushed out of the plain while seeing Gwen's face. Then Chris announced it was a non-elimination challenge, and Stephen ran to loser class and didn't even talk to a single person, not even super-fan Sierra.

Can't Help Falling In Lovre

Gwen tried to talk to Stephen that night but it was no use, he wasn't talking no matter what. Stephen pushed his way through everyone as he made his way to the challenge, and he saw it. Paris at night he thought to himself, and almost talked, but to no avail. Chris told them what to do and everyone except Stephen gasped. Stephen helped a lot during this challenge, and Built their statue all by himself. He grinned at his team and walked away. Team Chris is Burning Hot lost this challenge and ended up having a sudden death elimination take place. It was between Katie and Eva. Katie looked really good compared to Eva who was eliminated for very poor fashion that round. She had a face filled with rage, ready to punch someone, but who?

Newf Kids on The Rock

Gwen got really sick of Stephen ignoring her and started to follow him around first class until he said "Okay, I'm not mad! I just need to think about something important." He said turning his mad expression to a understanding expression. Gwen's face brightened as they arrived to their next destination. Stephen apologized to everyone on his team for being a big jerk and they all forgave him. While singing Sea Shanty Stephen caught a huge bass, and they also got there first. Stephen knew it was because of his good luck charm, well both (Gwen, and they dog statue he saved from Walk Like an Egyptian Part One) Stephen had to kiss a fish and did it just fine by pretending it was Gwen, and Team Victory easily won the reward challenge.

Jamaica Me Sweat

Light shined as bright as the hottest thing on the planet through the first class windows. That woke Stephen up immediately a couple hours before they arrived in Jamaica, and decided to surprise Gwen with candy Team Amazon gave to him from Broadway Baby! She woke up in a pile of candy and knew right away who gave it to her. Before Stephen was about to dive in the water he got in proper diving position and leaped forward hitting the water perfectly. He grabbed the gold chains and won that part of the challenge for his team. For the Bobsledding Of Death  Team Victory won also with a time of 32.123234 altogether. Team Chris Is Hotter Than The Sun went to the elimination ceremony.


Duncan: Leshawna

Leshawna: DJ

Katie: DJ

DJ: Leshawna

Because didn't want to do any tie breaker he eliminated both DJ and Leshawna.

Aftermath: Revenge Of The Telethon

Sadie and Ezekiel sang in harmony about how people needed to pay money or else Total Drama World Tour wouldn't be able to continue, and they raised $400.98 more than they needed for the show they were very happy at that point.

I See London...

"I see London, I don't see France so here we are!" Chris announced.' Stephens face posed a frightened posture, as he hated London for the last time he went there, but he played it cool. Gwen's face was delighted with the fact they were in London because she thought of the mysteries that take place there. Gwen went to first where Chris told them not to go. She wasn't listening when he said that, when she walked in the ripper saw her and she was grabbed by him. When they arrived in London Stephen wondered where Gwen was, but it was very clear when Chris she was captured by the ripper. Sierra took Cody and walked off leaving Stephen all alone on the stretcher. Team Amazon eventually came by and got him off, and he went looking for his teammates, only to run into the ripper. Cody and Sierra were looking for the ripper in a building, but they found some one else who they decided to take back with them instead of the ripper. When everyone got back to the plain after the ripper was captured both teams took the people they had out of their bags. Team Chris Is Smoking had the ripper who was to no ones surprise Courtney. Team Victory had Harold. Cody and Sierra said they stole him from the stage as he was performing. Chris liked this and made them win, team Chris Is Very Hot win, and Team Amazon lose.


Heather: Lindsay

Justin: Lindsay

Lindsay: Justin

Noah: Lindsay

Lindsay was eliminated for being the only one on her team to wonder off and end up getting caught.

Greece's Pieces

Noah woke up Heather and told her that they were in Greece, she questioned why he needed to tell her that, then he told her that Harold quit again, and she flipped out, because Chris was going to put him on their team. Chris mashed Team Hotness Has Turned Into Chrisness with Team Amazon so now they had five. For the first challenge Team Chris Rocks won, but Stephens team picked Stephen to jump the hurdles, and race at the same time. He won that for his team and they had to have a tie breaker. Team Chris Is The Awesomeness said they would eliminate Heather who Duncan liked... a lot. So he punched Justin in the face and won the tie breaker for his team. Stephen didn't know who to vote for so he convicted himself to vote for himself.


Sierra: Stephen

Gwen: Sierra

Cody: Gwen

Stephen: Stephen

Chris gave the three bags to Cody, Gwen, then Sierra then told Stephen he was out of the game. He saw this coming and said his good byes as he was once again pushed out of the plain, then, like the last time he was voted out thanks to his good luck charm it was a non-elimination challenge, and he smiled and went to loser class.

The Ex-Files

Stephen stared in amazement as they arrived in Area 51. Gwen crossed her arms and said, "Really Chris? What could we be doing here?" And Chris told everyone what they were doing and they all gasped. Stephen found a piece and told his team to run back right then. On the way back to the plain Stephens pants got burnt off by a laser, but he was wearing a second pare. The other team was in a race agents time to beat Team Victory, because they were neck and neck until Stephen picked up his speed and won the challenge for his team sending Team Chris Is Hotter Than The Hottest Thing to the chopping block.


Noah: Justin

Duncan: Justin

Heather: Justin

Justin: Heather

Katie: Noah

Justin was sent home, and for the last time in awhile he took off his shirt. Just one last time before getting thrown off of the plain.

Picnic at Hanging Dork

Stephen took the lead in-front of everyone, because of his good luck charm. He made it to the next part of the challenge hours before the next four  competitors even came. It took eight hours for everyone to make it there all together. When it was Stephens turn to bungee jump he grabbed a sheep like a pro and it turned out to be a winner. Team Chris Is A Hotty had to eliminate another contestant, and to everyone's surprise they actually knew who they wanted to vote for.


Noah: Katie

Heather: Noah

Duncan: Noah

Katie: Heather

Noah was out of the plain with a parachutist as soon as it was time to go. Noah was very sad, so he didn't say a word to his teammates.

Aftermath: Aftermathmyhem

Alejandro and Geoff appeared on The Aftermath this time, and Sadie told them they actually had a change of plans, and that Alejandro and Geoff both have the opportunity to come back on the show. But they'd have to have a bro battle. Geoff felt confident until Alejandro said " Well isn't this just bro-tastic?!" And won the opportunity to be back in the competition. He laughed manically, and walked off of the stage still laughing.

Niagara Brawls

Stephen frowned as Alejandro came back on the plain, and the teams merged. The machine pared up Stephen with Gwen, Alejandro with Heather, Duncan with Katie, and Cody with Sierra. Stephen guided Gwen perfectly to the dress, but Alejandro wasn't able to guide Heather to her dress, because right before he did Duncan and Katie made it over. For the next part of the challenge Stephen carried Gwen gracefully over the wire safely. Cody and Sierra were about halfway across when Cody sneezed and dropped Sierra, but caught her by jumping off, Alejandro and Heather barely made across before falling off of the wire, Duncan and Katie also fell off and screamed. In the end Stephen and Gwen won immunity, and first class. Alejandro was discouraged by this, but stood strong.


Stephen: Alejandro

Gwen: Alejandro

Heather: Katie

Alejandro: Katie

Duncan: Katie

Katie: Alejandro

Sierra: Katie

"And the final vote goes to..." Chris said.

Cody: Sierra

Katie was sent home this episode because of Alejandro's new alliance, and because of Sierra randomly voting for someone. He laughed and laughed. That one laugh Stephen couldn't stand, and he could still hear it, echoing in his head, that's when he realized he didn't have his good luck charm anymore. "Alejandro must have it." He thought.

Chinese Fake Out

Stephen stuck with Gwen throughout the "race," but she picked up too much speed on her skate board after she landed on the ground after getting blown up by a landmine. Stephen made it to the challenge just before Chris rang the bell. For the next part of the challenge Stephen threw up right away and was out of the challenge. Alejandro won immunity in the end and smiled at Stephen then laughed. Stephen frowned then they headed to the plain.


Stephen: Alejandro

Gwen: Heather

Sierra: Stephen

Cody: Sierra

Alejandro: Gwen

Heather: Gwen

Duncan: Stephen

Duncan said sorry to Gwen and Stephen as they left. They both forgave him, but they never would've forgiven Alejandro.

African Lying Society

Chris took the five remaining campers (Duncan, Heather, Cody, Sierra, and Alejandro) to Africa, while they were on their way there Duncan talked to everyone except Alejandro about eliminating him as soon as they had the chance, everyone agreed. After they got there Chris told them what to do. Alejandro hit his fruit and won that part of the challenge, however while he wasn't looking Duncan took his good luck charm. So in the next part of the challenge Duncan won and picked Heather to go into first class with him. Chris said that just for fun, he'd give Duncan and Heather NO immunity.


Alejandro: Cody

Duncan: Alejandro

Cody: Sierra

Sierra: Heather

Heather: Alejandro

(Alejandro rigged the votes to look like this:)

Alejandro: Cody

Duncan: Cody

Cody: Cody

Sierra: Cody

Heather: Cody

Cody was thrown off of the plain, and Alejandro laughed at Sierra and everyone else, not daring to say how Cody got eliminated.

Awww, Drumheller

Duncan awoke right next to his good luck charm (POOF)

Ducan woke up for real this time, to find no good luck charm, and to see Alejandro grinning at him. Duncan jumped up and Alejandro just pushed him back down saying: I will win this game matter what! 'For the first part of the challenge: the dinosuar building part, Alejandro built a dino that looked like him. Duncan built one that looked like a mix between a frog and a bird, Sierra and Heather failed to build anything. Chris took a good look and everyones and said "Alejandro wins!" Alejandro cheered and got ready for immunity. "But wait Alejandro, there's more!" Suddenly Alejandro wasn't feeling as good. Chris explained that everyone would have to find a barrel of oil burried in the dirt somewhere. 'Alejandro brought one back in the first five minutes, then it was down to everyone else to find one since he had immunity'Duncan decided that he would team up with Heather, she said that she would so they began to look for barrels of oil to bring back to Chris, Duncan drove his shovel into the dirt and hit one, then another; maybe his luck wasn't out yet...'Sierra came back last with her barrel, then it was time for elimination. Alejandro briefly spoke with Heather, telling her that he wasn't really that evil, just mad (lies). He said that if she would vote off Sierra he'd be eternally greatful. She agreed.


Alejandro: Sierra

Heather: Sierra

Sierra: Duncan

Duncan: Sierra

Sierra was thrown out the plain, saddened by her elimination, right after Cody...

Hawaiian Style

Stephen started off The Aftermath, then gave the show to Sadie and Ezekiel. They told everyone to go under the persons face shot that was huge of who they wanted to win. Stephen, Gwen, Heather, Eva, Geoff, Katie, and Harold were on Duncan's face. Leshawna, Noah, Lindsay, and DJ were on Sierra's face, and the rest were on Cody's. Then Ezekiel picked one person from each team. He picked Gwen, DJ, and Trent. Gwen got Duncan a stroller, for second, DJ got Sierra nothing for third, and Trent got Cody first prize.

Plains, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles

Duncan ended up making a hot air balloon, and Cody and Sierra took a train. Duncan got way ahead of them because of him still having a good luck charm. He made it to his destination before anyone and waited for them. When he got there everyone on team Duncan cheered. Cody and Sierra tied, but Sierra insisted on Cody being in the final two, but Chris said there would have to be a tie breaker no matter what.

Hawaiian Punch

For a tie breaker Sierra and Cody had to rescue Duncan or knock one another off the platform. Sierra obviously let Cody win so he could finally be in the final two after him being all three seasons, always coming close... so close. Duncan won the first part and Chris said that he could have Cody's prize, but Cody's two helpers protested, and Duncan said he could do it fine without the stroller or the wheel barrel. Duncan took his prize and it broke but, he was super strong so he carried it up. Cody and him were neck and neck after they finished the lava jumping part of the challenge. And Duncan pushed Cody's wheel barrel into his stomach making him fall down the volcano. Duncan accidentally dropped his good luck charm in the volcano, then dropped the pineapple figure in. Before Chris could hand Duncan the money Cody came running back threw the money in the lava, then pushed Duncan in. And then Cody passed out and fell in the lava. Chris got his phone out and ordered the medical cervices there, but then the volcano erupted blowing everyone (Including Cody and Duncan) into the water saving them all as they swam away. Once Stephen and Gwen got on land they made out for a long time, wondering why they ever got mad at each other on one part of the season.

Elimination Order From Winner To First Loser

Duncan: 1st (/80)

Alejandro: 2nd (/80)

Heather: 3rd (/80)

Sierra: 4th (/80)

Cody: 5th (/80)

Stephen: 6-7th (69/80)

Gwen: 6-7th (69/80)

Katie: 8th (49/80)

Noah: 9th (42/80)

Justin: 10th (34/80)

Harold: QUIT (24/80)

Lindsay: 11th (37/80)

DJ: 12-13th (20/80)

Leshawna: 12-13th (37/80)

Eva: 14th (20/80)

Izzy: 15th (37/80)

Alejandro: 16-17th (8/80)

Trent: 16-17th (27/80)

Coutney: 18th (42/80)

Geoff: 19th (14/80)

Harold: 20th (24/80)

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