Total Drama Revenge Of The Island

Stephen was the first person to arrive on the island, and as the rest of the contestants showed up he realized that there was all new contestants. The last one to arrive was Staci, and Chris just made her go back on her boat because it was part of the challenge. Chris explained that there was supposed to be 13 new contestants, but everyone said they wanted Gwen or Stephen to be on, so he picked one of them from a raffle. Stephen already missed Gwen, but Chris told him to cheer up and get on the boat with everyone else.

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

Stephen got back on the boat and wondered where they were going, then BAM! Chris blew up their boat, and laughed like a maniac. Stephen swam with Mike and Zoe, who both said he was their favorite character among the Total Drama cast, Stephen blushed a little and told them that he knew they were going to become good friends. Scott, one of the new contestants overheard them talking, and decided to act nice to everyone, then betray all of them, one by one. Once everyone made it back on shore Chris told them they were going to have a race in order to find out who's going to be on what team. Stephen came in third and was put on the Mutant Maggots. The two that came before him were Brick and Jo. Jo was on the Toxic Rat's, and Brick was the other person on the Mutant Maggots. Next person to come was B on his invention. Mike came next, then Anne Maria, after her came Zoe, then Dawn, Scott came after her. The rest came and the challenge continued. B came up with the idea for his team to stack up on-top of each other, and they got their log down and rode it down to the better cabin, leaving the Mutant Maggots to eliminate some one.

Team Mutant Maggots: Stephen, Mike, Zoe, Scott, Brick, Staci, and Cameron

Team Toxic Rat's: Jo, Dakota, Anne Maria, Sam, Lightning, B, and Dawn


Brick: Cameron

Stephen: Staci

Zoe: Staci

Mike: Staci

Scott: Stephen

Cameron: Brick

Staci: Stephen

Staci was eliminated for her constant talking, and because of Stephen forming an alliance with Mike, and Zoe. Staci started talking right before she got hurled off of the island from the "Hurl of Shame."

Truth Or Laser Shark

Stephen woke up to the sounds of Mike. Once Stephen studied what was happening he woke up Cameron to see if he knew what was going on, Cameron said he must've had M.P.D. And Stephens eye's opened wide in shock. When all the campers were called to their second challenge Chris explained the rules however, everyone didn't want to do it, so Chris told them they could do an optical course instead, one that would be "awesome." During the part of the challenge were Stephen was facing agents Sam they became friends and Stephen let Sam win, this enraged Scott, who then formed an alliance with Brick in order to vote out Stephen or Cameron. Lightning and Mike were the last to face each other, Mike turned in to his acrobatic personality and wins the Mutant Maggots the challenge. Stephen and Zoe run over and hug him.


Lightning: Jo

Sam: Lightning

Dawn: Lightning

Jo: Anne Maria

B: Jo

Dakota: Anne Maria

Anne Maria: Lightning

"Lightning!" Lightning replied with "Sha-What? You guys were a Sha-Lame team anyways." Then Chris hurled him off of the island, and did his outro.

Ice Ice Baby

Mike was awoken by Stephen, who told him he knew about his M.P.D. Mike looked ashamed, but Stephen reassured him. Mike asked one thing of Stephen, when Stephen asked what it was he said "Don't tell Zoe about this, okay because I kind of have a crush on her." Stephen smiled and promised he wouldn't say a word. For the rock climbing part of the challenge Mike said he'd take the lead. Mike turned into his grumpy old man personality after he fell off the cliff. Zoe laughed while she was climbing, and fell. This caused Mike to turn back into Mike and he caught her. But the Toxic Rat's ended up making it to the top before the Mutant Maggots did, so for the next part of the challenge they got to pick which fort they wanted. They picked the better one, and the Mutant Maggots had to have the crappy one. B on the Toxic Rats made a invention that automatically threw snowballs and reflected light onto the Mutant Maggots fort. Mike fell and lost his shirt making him turn into his stud personality. Then he took B's machine and smashed it into their fort until it fell down to the ground. Mikes whole team (Even Scott) liked what he had done to win the challenge.


Jo: Sam

B: Jo

Sam: Jo

Anne Maria: Sam

Dakota: Anne Maria

Dawn: Jo

Jo was eliminated for being so bossy to everyone and for falling asleep during the middle of the challenge.

Finders Creepers

Zoe could hear a noise coming from the boy's part of the cabin, and she wanted to go check it out, but Stephen heard foot steps and slapped Mike to get him to stop. Mike woke up and that's when Zoe walked in. They both waved at her then she walked away. Scott saw Mike turning in and out of different personalities while pretending to sleep. For the challenge Mike started talking to Scott who said that if he didn't do exactly what he said he'd tell Zoe his secret. Mike's face turned pale after Scott said "You're going to help me vote out Stephen." Mike nodded in a lie. Over the loud speaker Chris said somewhere on the island there was a immunity statue of Chris, but someone already found it. No one knew who found it but Mike did, he didn't tell anyone who though. Zoe ran over to Stephens faint scream and saw that he was gone. Next Zoe heard Scott scream, then Sam, and then Mike. Zoe ended up getting caught by what was seen as a giant spider. Dawn ended up winning the challenge for her team, and found out that the spider was actually none other than Izzy, a former competitor. But both teams this time were brought to the bond fire ceremony this time for something Chris had in mind.


Mike: Scott

Scott: Stephen

Stephen: Cameron

Cameron: Scott

Zoe: Cameron

Brick: Cameron

Chris explained he needed a volunteer from the other team, and Dawn raised her hand first. Chris then said that instead of eliminating anyone the person who had the most votes would go over to team Toxic Rat's and the person who volunteered would go over to team Mutant Maggots.

Mutant Maggots: Mike, Zoe, Dawn, Stephen, Scott, and Brick.

Toxic Rat's: B, Cameron, Sam, Dakota, and Anne Maria.

Backstabbers Ahoy!

Chris brought everyone out to the next challenge, and Scott bumped into Mike and Scott threatened him. Mike was put under water for the Mutant Maggots, and Sam for the Toxic Rat's. Stephen was about to say he'd pump air, but Scott stopped him and said he'd do it. For the Toxic Rat's Cameron said he'd pump the air. Scott "accidentally" broke the pump, so that Mike wouldn't have any air. Mike was frustrated that he couldn't breath and turned into his old man personality, but Dawn fixed the pump and restored the air pump. Sam was doing fine too. He'd gotten the skies and Mike and him were both swimming up. Sam got up right before Mike did. For the next part of the challenge Stephen, Dawn, and Zoe were water skiing while Scott was driving, Mike was shooting, and Brick was the leader. For the other team Sam, B, and Anne Maria were skiing while Cameron was shooting and Dakota was driving. Cameron hit two of the targets before Mike hit one. But he didn't give up. Mike hit one, and at the same time Cameron hit that one. Chris said that he would just let the Toxic Rat's win. Then in an confessional Dawn said "There's evil written all over Scott's aura, but he's so good looking!" Scott over heard this and formed an alliance again with Brick, but asked Dawn to be in it also.


Dawn: Stephen

Scott: Stephen

Brick: Stephen

Stephen: Brick

Zoe: Brick

"And the last vote goes to..."

Mike: Scott

"Sorry, but Stephen you're out." Stephen sighed and took the Hurl Of Shame off of the island. Mike felt like a huge part of Stephens elimination because of him voting for Scott instead of Brick, who Stephen told him to vote for.

Runaway Model

Mike couldn't sleep the night that Stephen was eliminated, because he knew that Scott's alliance was going to vote out Zoe and him. But he couldn't let that happen, so he had to do something. Scott walked up to Mike and said "I'm going to give you two choices. You can either help me vote out my alliance, or I'll vote you and Zoe out." Mike said he'd help vote out Scott's alliance. Chris told them all what they had to do and that Lindsay would be hosting the fashion show, and picking who won. The Toxic Rat's picked a huge crab, and the Mutant Maggots made Sasquatchinakwa be in the fashion show. When they got back Dakota told everyone she knew what to do to the huge crab. Brick decided to put a pink skirt and a purple top on the Sasquatch. When the Toxic rats walked out on the runway the crab had stripes going left to right on the crab and Lindsay said that was "fashion perfect!" And that the Toxic Rat's won the challenge that time around. For the next part of the challenge Sam from the Toxic Rat's rescued Lindsay and won them the challenge.


Mike: Brick

Scott: Brick

Zoe: Brick

Brick: Zoe

Dawn: Zoe

Brick was saddened by his elimination and saluted everyone as he walked to the hurl of shame.

A Mine Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Chris told the remaining campers about how Stephen has been his intern right after he came back to the island. Stephen smiled very weakly, and walked away to do his "intern chores." Chris then told them what they had to do in that days challenge. He said the team that finds the Golden Chris Statue first wins the challenge. Both teams were off into the mine. The Mutant Maggots found the flash lights first and they ran all throughout the mine. Mike stared at Scott for a second then he picked up a hat that turned into his adventuring personality. He told his team exactly what way to go, then Scott whispered in his ear "Change of plans, you are going to help me eliminate Zoey, got it?" That stunned Mike, and what stunned Scott after that is that Mike punched him in the face. The Toxic Rat's were left with no way to see, but they caught lightning bugs and put them in a jar. They went the opposite way that the Mutant Maggots went. One member on their team fell down a hole, and they were scared, so they ran the other direction. The person who fell down was none other than B, who met up with former camper Ezekiel, who stated he got trapped down their and said if B got him out of there he'd give him a reward. The Mutant Maggots were running after Mike trying to check up. Then everyone on his team saw it, the Golden Chris Statue. Mike took it before Scott could get his hands  on it. They rode out of the mine with the Toxic Rat's following, and behind them B and Ezekiel. "And the Mutant Maggots win!" Chris stated. Ezekiel then gave B a huge diamond, and B's eyes widened with delight.


B: Cameron

Cameron: B

Dakota: Cameron

Sam: B

Anne Maria: Cameron

Cameron was out, but before he got hurled B jumped on without ever saying a word, and Chris frowned. "Well" he walked over to Chef, "At least we won't ever have to deal with B again, even though that was a FAKE diamond! Ezekiel really is amazing at pulling pranks like that!" Ezekiel walked into view, "Actually I found it in your cabin!" Chris got mad, "WHAT! CHEF, FLING HIM!"

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

Mike was sound asleep, the alarm clock didn't even wake him up! In fact Mike barely got ANY sleep so he was very tired that challenge. Dakota's screaming did the trick to wake up everyone else who hadn't already been up by the start of the challenge. Mike and Zoe smiled at each other and began wondering what they were doing on rafts. Through speakers Chris told them they had to save former camper Gwen. Everyone was off and getting to shore as quickly as they could. Sharks followed closely behind each team, slowly biting away at each team's raft until both of them snapped! Sam remembered a video game he played like this and instantly he thought he could win the challenge. He hopped on top of one shark then jumped over the other. Mike was so amazed by this, that's when he realized how tired he was, he began falling asleep and just barrely could hear Zoey screaming for help, he snapped back. "Zoey! I'm coming!" Mike's shirt was then torn off by a shark, turning him into Vito, "Eh, yo'! Where's the party at?" Zoey was being dragged into the water now and then Mike came back to the real world, "ZOEY!" he finally just kicked the shark in it's nose and got Zoey away from it. Scott wasn't impressed by this at all and continued to swim further away from them all. Dawn followed closely behind. "So, um...Scott, I was wondering if you'd like to--?" -she got cut off- "Dawn, you're in my alliance, that doesn't mean I have to ever talk to you though!" Dawn sighed.

Sam by now was on land and looking for Gwen, he knew she couldn't be too far off the beach so he began looking and sure enough he found her, winning the challenge for his team.

Scott got really mad, he spoke to Dawn about eliminating either Zoey or Mike and Dawn agreed. They had this one in the bag.


Zoe: Scott

Scott: Zoe

Mike: (didn't vote; fell asleep)

Dawn: Zoe

"Zoe to the hurl of shame you go!" Chris exclaimed. Mike woke up and stared at Scott as he smiled and laughed. Then he told Mike that he tricked him. But Zoe said she had the immunity statue. That's when Mike remembered that, right after she said that. She handed Chris the statue and walked over to Mike, and kissed him, Mike's face turned all kinds of red and he smiled. "But," Chris said. "The person with the next amount of votes was going home. Chris pointed to Scott, and he frowned at his team as he was hurled off the island.

Grand Chef Auto

Chris announced that the teams would merge that day after everyone was done with breakfast. Mike met up with Zoey and Sam and talked about starting a new alliance, everyone agreed.

Team: Mike, Zoe, Anne Maria, Dawn, Dakota, and Sam.

Chris told them they'd have to sneak a go cart from him after they got a key to their go carts. Unluckily Sam got a go cart with no wheels, but Mike offered to help him. Sam thanked him but said he better go on without him. Dakota decided that she'd rather go to jail and lose the challenge than feeling Chef's wrath so she instantly gave up. Sam picked up his go-cart and ran with it. He got to the first land mark last and was the first one to leave from it though. Zoe was the second to leave, then Mike. They were all in a line. After everyone was done tagging the first two land marks Chef knocked out Chris and made it look like he told them that there was a fourth land mark. Mike gained speed and got in-front of Sam then Zoe got in-front of him. Soon Sam was the was in last, but he ended up being in second after he finished tagging all the land marks. Sam told Mike and Zoey who to vote for, and they all agreed.


Anne Maria: Dawn

Mike: (Changed into Chester) "Eh, stupid Mike needs to go!" Mike

Zoe: Dawn

Dawn: Mike

Dakota: Anne Maria

Sam: Anne Maria

Dawn was hurrled off of the island thanks to lazy Chris not caring who went home that night.

Up, Up and Away In My Pitiful Balloon

Chris congratulated everyone who made it to the final five as they walked to their next challenge. Mike finally decided to tell Zoe about his M.P.D and she said she didn't even mind, and that he should've told her sooner. Sam gave Mike a thumbs up, and he smiled at him. Once everyone was at the next challenge Heather saw Sam and gagged at him, then she demonstrated the challenge. Everyone had to build some kind of flying devise. Sam had to build a rocket, Zoe had to build a set of wings, Mike had to build a plain, and Dakota had to build a helicopter. Sam build his easily, and so did Mike. Anne Maria, the only competitor not really caring about winning the challenge was already finished with her contraption and was ready to rock! Dakota made her's work. But Zoey was having trouble, until Zoe found a bunch of feathers on the ground, which made her think "Maybe this could work." Chris later announced right after everyone was finished that there would be a change of plans and that they'd have to stop Heather from taking the million dollars for her self. Sam started up his rocket and rode along. The rest followed in their flying contraptions. In the end Mike won immunity, and Anne Maria blamed Zoey for her loss, which Zoey didn't understand but didn't bother asking about, Mike also won the challenge for saving the million. Before the elimination ceremony Sam got hit in the head by Mike when he turned into his acrobatic personality, because she was doing acrobatic stuff, and accidentally hit him so he was wonky.


Sam: Dakota (On accident)

Anne Maria: Zoey

Dakota: Mike

Mike: Dakota

Zoe: Dakota

Dakota was eliminated, but Sam said he'd rather go. Dakota really didn't want Sam to go, but she didn't interrupt. Everyone said good bye to Sam, and Dakota kissed him. Sam was then hurled off of the island.

Eat, Puke, and Be Wary

Mike was one of the first ones up and loved that he had made it so far in the game. And Zoe liked how she was still accompanied by Dakota her new bff. They all jogged to their next challenge which was being held by Chef surprisingly. He told them they had fifteen minutes to find ingredients for a recipe and make something. Mike knew what to make, and he knew it would be a winner for this challenge. After the fifteen minutes were up and they all had their dishes DJ a former camper was forced to try their foods, and said he liked Mikes the most out of anyone's. So Mike won that part of the challenge, but he got out first in the second part of the challenge. Dakota got out next, then it was up to Anne Maria and Zoe. Zoe was ahead of Anne Maria, but he caught up fast, Anne Maria started to push down Zoey and tripped over a log, once again she blamed Zoey and pulled her down too, Anne Maria got up and sprinted full speed to the pole and won the challenge. Dakota knew exactly what was going to happen at elimination that night, but wasn't even the slightest bit mad about it.


Anne Maria: Zoey

Dakota: Dakota

Mike: Dakota

Zoe: Dakota

Dakota was sent to the hurl of shame almost in tears, because she was happy that she finally had friends, and she said she wouldn't forget any of them, they all said bye to her and said they wouldn't forget her ether.

The Enchanted Franken-Forest

Anne Maria got up and was ready for the challenge, she was prepared and ready to win it. Mike and Zoey were kind of worried because they really probably wouldn't have a regular elimination that night and if Anne Maria won it would be Zoey going home. Everyone walked over and Chris explained that the challenge for the day. Everyone got ready and was off. Mike and Zoey were neck to neck trying to get there before Anne Maria. But she stormed ahead of both of them, leaving them in a pit of dust. Anne Maria eventually ended up getting lost and couldn't find a way out of where she was. Mike jumped into the giant parana's mouth and safely retrieved the plant inside of it, Zoey tried to explain that she needed it, but before she could, Anne Maria swooped in and kicked Zoey out of the way. Mike's eyes widened and he dropped the plant while running over to help Zoey. Anne Maria began to run away and crossed the finish line, she looked back and saw Zoey in pain as Mike lifted her up. She had second thoughts about eliminating either of them that night.

Chris asked who Anne Maria wanted gone the most and she decided to take one for the team by saying herself. Chris flung her and Zoey got confused, but Chris just said that Anne Maria quit.

Mike vs Zoe: The Ultimate Showdown

"Welcome back to Total Drama Revenge Of The Island! We have our final two, and I think they're ready to face off." Chris said. Mike and Zoe were very happy for what Stephen did for them. Stephen actually liked being out of the game, and instead of just coming back to the island to watch he brought Gwen with him to watch. Mike and Zoe saw Gwen and they waved at her. She waved back at them as Chris told them actually what they had to do. Mike decided to take a hat, a hurdle, and a rock. Zoe took a rusty piece of mettle, flint, and steel. Then they started to fight, Mike jumped over the hurdle and became his acrobatic personality, and dodged Zoe's attempts to attack him with her now flexible sword (from burning the rusty mettle a little bit.) Mike hit Zoe in the head and then she turned into a worrier personality even though she didn't have M.P.D. She beat up Mike, but he took off his shirt and turned into veto who then smacked her in the face, and she turned back into normal Zoe. Mike got Zoe on the ground, but he turned into Chester after he accidentally dropped the rock on his toe. That's when Zoe kicked him in his gut, held him on the ground for three seconds and won the game. "There you have it! Zoe is the winner of Total Drama Revenge of The Island!" Said Chris. Zoe promised Mike she'd share the money with him. Stephen and Gwen ran over and hugged both of them, and the took a boat off of the island. Chris planned to blow up the boat, but blew up the dock he was standing on, and then he was taken to prison for dumping toxic waste all throughout the island.

Elimination Order From First To Last

Zoe: 1 (13/93)

Mike: 2 (13/93)

Anne Maria: 3 (13/93)

Dakota: 4 (12/93)

Sam: 5 (11/93)

Dawn: 6 (10/93)

Scott: 7 (9/93)

B: 8 (7/93)

Cameron: 9 (7/93)

Brick: 10 (6/93)

Stephen: 11 (73/93) [or] (6/13)

Jo: 12 (4/93)

Lightning: 13 (3/93)

Staci: 14 (2/93)

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