Total Drama Island

Stephen, labeled the skeptical one, is a contestant on Total Drama as a member of the Killer Bass.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

The episode began with Chris walking into view. He shot the camera a smile and started off with an introduction to the island; telling everyone that twenty-two losers would compete for one-hundred thousand dollars, and out of them only one would win the money. He then repeated himself: "Only ONE person will get the money." He started to explain the concept, that if your team lost a challenge they'd go to an elimination ceremony and eliminate a camper off of the island. The camper eliminated would take a long walk to the boat of losers and be driven off of the island in shame. Just as he finished his last sentence the first camper started to arrive at the island; it was Owen. He was self-less and would do anything to be liked, even though he did have a sweet tooth for...everything. Chris welcomed Owen onto the island. Owen didn't hesitate to shake his hand repeatedly, showing Chris how excited Owen was to be on the show. Next to arrive on the island was Heather, a deva who wasn't afraid to share her opinion and would do just about anything to make it further in the game. She walked past Owen and Chris (thinking she was way better than them both). Chris crossed his arms and said "I guess you don't want the money!" Heather replied with a "UGH, of course I care about the money, I just hate that my parents sent me here with a bunch of losers!" Owen looked at the ground and frowned, along with Chris who then realized the next camper was coming. Chris welcomed Izzy onto the island as she dropped her bags on Owens foot. "Owwwww." Owen gripped his foot then looked up at Izzy in amazement, she was totally his type, crazy and wonderful. Izzy picked up her bags and said sorry to Owen as she walked past him. Riding on his boat, coming in hot (literally) was Justin. He tore of his shirt as he walked onto the dock. Everyone was in awe, Owens eye's lit up in amazement, even Heather looked wowed. And then Justin snapped, bringing everyone back to reality. "Hey Chris, what's up man?" Chris still couldn't speak but waved at Justin as he walked past.

After Chris had announced half of the cast, (Owen, Heather, Izzy, Justin, Courtney, Ezekiel, Harold, Tyler, LeShawna, Eva, Cody and Gwen) Stephen finally arrived on the island with a book about islands in hand he walked off of the boat. He looked around the island and said, "Are you sure that this is the island Chris, because...I don't know about this..." Chris replied saying, "Your mom told me about you being so skeptical, but yes, this is the island Stephen. I'm sorry that there isn't a five star hotel..." Stephen frowned then walked past Chris to the rest of the campers.

Duncan arrived playing rock music on his boat, he was the punk/bully who wasn't afraid of anyone and could do whatever he wanted when he wanted. "Welcome to the island Duncan!" Chris said to Duncan. Duncan replied back, "Pttph, whatever." Duncan shook his head and walked to the rest of the cast. Next to come was Trent, the guitar playing guy who could charm you in a second. He came off of the boat and high fived Chris. As they talked Gwen started to look up at Trent. She thought that she might start to fall for him.

Noah slowly got off of his boat and asked if Chris gave someone his list of deadly allergies...Chris didn't know. Noah was the sarcastic type and didn't get along well with others, but still joined the game for the money.

The last camper to arrive on the island was: Lindsay, the beautiful dumb blonde. She didn't have much to say, but everyone else (of the male gender) had something to say to her. Everyone was up in her face in seconds of her arrival. She was, by now, very used to this.

"Now..." said Chris to the campers. "If you'll follow me around the camp, I'll show you everything you'll need to know for now." Chris's first stop was the dinning hall. He explained that everyday they'd come here for breakfast, lunch and dinner and eat everything they were given. There Chef would make sure they wouldn't like the food ever, though. Next, Chris brought them to the confessional booth and told them that they could say whatever they wanted in the Confessional booth; their darkest secrets, their crushes and even just if they wanted to say hi to someone. Then, he brought them to their team cabins, and told them this is where each team would sleep. Their last two stops were the Bonfire Ceremony and the Dock of Shame. He told them that one camper would go home every night from the bonfire ceremony and take a walk down the dock of shame to the boat of losers. Then Chris told them to return to the dining hall and that they'd have breakfast quickly, deside the teams, and then do the first challenge, "And it'll be HARRRRD!" Chris added. Stephen said, "Come on, how hard could our first challenge be?"

Killer Bass: Stephen, Noah, Beth, Bridgette, Geoff, Gwen, Trent, Cody, Duncan, Katie and Sadie Screaming Gophers: Tyler, Justin, Ezekiel, Owen, Heather, Lindsay, DJ, Courtney, LeShawna, Izzy and Harold

But once they got to the top of that cliff...Stephen took back ALL of his words...

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

"So, Stephen; do you still doubt me?" Chris asked Stephen. Stephen just shook his head 'no', he couldn't even believe that they were on a huge cliff. Chris then walked in front of everyone to explain their first challenge. He explained that they would have to try and jump into the center circle, and if they missed the center circle they'd land into the outer ring which was filled with deadly man-eating sharks!

Lindsay then raised her hand. Chris then said that she didn't need to raise her hand to ask a question, and that she could just ask it. "Okay, well what happens if we don't want to jump though?" Chris frowned and replied, "If you don't jump your team won't earn a point from you and you'll have to wear a chicken hat." Then she asked about the point system and Chris said that the team with the most points would have a huge advantage in the next challenge.

The Killer Bass were up first. "Alright," Duncan said. "Who's jumping first?" There was no reply. Duncan frowned and decided he would go if no one else would. He stepped back, and got a running start to the edge and leaped off in to the water, landing right in the center. Everyone on his team cheered as he swam back to shore.

On the Screaming Gophers side, Tyler was getting ready to jump, stretching and doing flips. He made sure to do one last flip and failed. He flipped, landed on his head and rolled right off of the cliff...and landed on the sand. Everyone on his team booed and they forced Owen to jump for them. Noah laughed at Owen, saying that he'd never make it. "Oh come on, I'll make it! Just watch me!" Owen leaped off of the cliff and landed in the middle; making a huge splash of water everyone was quickly running away.

When everyone returned to the cliff, they got ready to jump. Stephen didn't think that the water would really be safe, even in the middle circle. Chris said that Stephen was probably right as Stephen jumped off of the cliff. "Wait what? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Stephen exclaimed as he jumped off of the cliff. He landed in the outer ring and started to panic, swimming back to shore as fast as possible. Owen laughed at Stephen for missing the middle circle and Stephen got embarrassed and walked off the beach and around the camp for awhile. "He thinks that he's just so funny...but what if I'm wrong? What if I am a reject after all that I'm saying about Owen?" Stephen had a habit of bringing himself down, it was another problem he had.

LeShawna got ready to jump when Heather paused her. "What do you think you're doing?" Heather obnoxiously asked. LeShawna turned around angry. "Oh, so you want to jump do you?" Heather's eye's widened and before she knew it she was being thrown off of the cliff. The good thing is that she landed in the water earning her team a point. The bad thing was that now, LeShawna had made a BIG mistake. LeShawna jumped in after Heather, splashing her violently. Heather got angry and swam back to shore and sat down, cold and wet. LeShawna walked over to Heather. "Look, I'm sorry about throwing you into the water, it's just, I don't like to be messed with!" Heather gave LeShawna a quick, FAKE smile and said, "'s cool, I'M sorry..." LeShawna smiled at Heather, and Heather "smiled" back.

Confessional (Heather): Okay, these losers are too easy to toy around with! I'll rule this game if it's the last thing that I ever do! They won't know what they're messing with...Hehehe...

Confessional (LeShawna): Heather didn't seem that nice to me at first! But, I bet we'll get to be good friends, just so long as she doesn't try to get on my nerves again! Because trust me, she definitely can!

At the end of the first challenge the score was:

Killer Bass: 10 jumps, 3 misses, 1 no-jump (total score): 7 points

Screaming Gophers: 11 jumps, 3 misses, 0 no-jumps (total score): 8 points

Chris came to the beach with everyone else to announce the results and the second challenge. "Okay campers! Time for the second challenge! Since the Screaming Gophers had more points they get this!" Chef brought a dolly to the beach for the Screaming Gophers. "This will help you pull THESE!" Chef brought a crate full of supplies, this time for both teams.

Ezekiel raised his hand. Chris face-palmed, then told Ezekiel what he had already told Lindsay, that he didn't need to raise his hand to answer a question, that he could just ask it! Then Ezekiel asked what they were doing. Chris said that they were going to bring these supplies to the camp grounds and build a hot tub. Everyone's eye's lit up in excitement; then Chris told the Killer Bass that they would have to pull or push the crate by themselves, without help. All of the Killer Bass let out an "UGH!"

The Killer Bass started to push their crate together, while the Screaming Gophers hulled their crate onto their dolly; the dolly broke immediately, letting the Killer Bass get in the lead while the Screaming Gophers complained about what just happened.

Confessional (Heather): I may or may not have loosened the screws on the dolly...and maybe I'll blame it on LeShawna...

Heather smirked at LeShawna as she told her team that LeShawna was the one responsible for the dolly breaking. Heather said that she saw LeShawna loosen the screws on it. LeShawna looked practically assaulted at this point and jumped on top of Heather.

The Killer Bass were approaching the camp site at this point, Stephen was cheering and once they reached the camp grounds he started high fiving everyone on his team. They began to assemble their hot tub; Gwen told Trent to go get some water to fill up the hot tub with, he nodded his head and ran to get some water. As he walked away she couldn't help but smile slightly; Stephen popped up behind her, saying, "So, I see that you like Trent huh?" Gwen jumped in fright. Stephen apologized and repeated the question again, making her grip his shirt saying, "Yeah, but you wouldn't dare tell him, would you?" Gwen looked at Stephen and put him down as he said that he wouldn't dare tell Trent, but he'd like to get them set up in a relationship somehow. Gwen smiled at Stephen as he put his hand out for her to shake it.

Confessional (Gwen): Look, I'm not one for many friends, but Stephen seems nice enough to become one of sure, I'll shake his hand.

Gwen shook Stephens hand. "Friends?" Stephen asked Gwen as he got up. She replied, "Why not!"

The Screaming Gophers got to the camp grounds finally, but too late. Chris said, "And STOP!" meaning that time was up for building the hot tub. Heather smirked at LeShawna, and once again Heather got pounced on.

Bonfire Ceremony

At the elimination ceremony, Chris explained the concept to the Screaming Gophers, then got down to business. He called out everyone's name but Heather's and LeShawna's.


Heather: Who do you think? I obviously wanted LeShawna gone from the moment I met her! Now it's going to happen!

Tyler: I don't know who to trust, I'm not that good at making decisions, but I don't think LeShawna would do something like that...she just doesn't seem like someone to do that!

LeShawna: Heather...Heather...HEATHER!

Chris said, "And the final marsh-mellow of the night goes to...Heather."

LeShawna sighed and walked down the dock of shame and to the boat of losers. Making her the first eliminated off of Total Drama Island.

LeShawna knew that one day Heather would get what she deserved...but for now, Heather could play anyone in the game into doing what she wanted them to do..."Great..." LeShawna thought. "Just...great."

Awake A Thon

Stephen dreamt of sunshine and rainbows and sappy stuff like that, then HONK! Stephen hit his head on the top bunk above him. "Ow." he said. He started to run his hand up and down a bump on his head. Duncan walked past him laughing, "You better get used to that buddy boy," he held the door to the cabin open and slowly closed it, "Because that's what this camp is ALL about!"

Now at the dining hall, everyone got ready for breakfast. No one was expecting anything good considering the previous food, so that's why it came as a big surprise when Chef hauled out a gigantic feast with turkey, mashed potatoes, regular potatoes, and way too many more foods to count! Owen jumped up with delight, "This is awesome!" Owen belted and knocked everyone else our of the way that ststood in front of himEveryone not scrambling to get up off of the floor was forking and stuffing food into ththeir mouths until finall everything was gone. Heather's belly protruded from its skinny, flat version to a overfilled state. Everyone sat down ams began to chat because Chris hadn't actually instructed a challenge.

(In the camera room) Chris sat watchfully in his relaxing chair as the campers whispered amongst themselves about what the challenge would be, and little did they know that the challenge had started when the food was brought out. Chris's plan all along was to trick the contestants into eating so that they would be full, now it was time for phase two. Chris pulled out the microphone, "Okay campers, its exersize time! So this requires a lap around the island and once you are done, return to the camp fire zone." 

(Dining hall) Harold looked at Cody, "He is joking right? I'm more stuffed than that turkey was!" Cody looked back at Harold and smiled warily, and said, "I don't think he's joking. But I'm athletic to the extreme, so this will be easy!" Cody flexed his small muscles and Harold tried not to giggle.

Confessional (Harold): Cody is kinda cool and all but his muscles look like they're so small that he could be beat by a baby!

Everyone made their way to the campfire zone, not sure what they were going to be doing. Owen came running through carrying Noah. "'Look out! I've got a little guy coming through!" Then, suddenly, Noah awoke and jumped out of Owens greasy fingers and onto the cold soil of the Earth. "'Don't...ever...carry me...again!" Noah snapped at Owen, and then he gasped a couple of times and spoke again, "We aren't even on the same team!" Owen scratched at his head for a few seconds them realized that Noah was right. Noah looked at Owen in disgust and all Owen thought to do was shrug his shoulders slightly and say, "Whoops?"

When all of the campers finally arrived at the campfire zone, Chris was growing impatient. He tapped his foot in synchronization with his finger tapping on the top of his watch. "Finally!'" 'Chris exclaimed excitingly. "I hope you all remember that I have a show to run so maybe get here a little earlier next time!" Chris looked directly at Noah. Noah smiled weakly and backed away a little. Chris kept staring for a couple of seconds and then regained his focus. "Time for today's challenge!" Chris smiled.

As Chris explained the challenge everyone's eyes slowly grew bigger and bigger with disapproval. 

Confessional (Stephen): I usually don't get that much sleep at maybe this won't be so hard?

Confessional (Trent): Chris would do something like this! I can't believe we're going to have to try and stay up!

Twelve Hour Mark:

Chris explained to those watching at home that it was the twelve hour mark and that there was no one asleep yet. Stephen tried to remain active by walking around and climbing trees, and just doing anything that would eventually help him stay awake. But, he miscalculated his plans and fell flat on his back, and with a loud crack he was out cold. Gwen face palmed.

Confessional (Gwen): I hope that didn't actually just happen.

KB: 10 SG: 10

Later during the twelve hour mark, Katie and Sadie were talking to each other trying to stay awake, but Sadie began to realize how tired she was. She yawned at said, "Katie, I don't know how much longer I will be able to--!" And before she could finish her sentence she was out like a light. Then, with nothing to do, Katie soon fell fast asleep too.

KB: 8 SG: 10

Twenty-four Hour Mark:

Chris began to get very excited as his challenge was a success so far, and a lot of the campers were asleep now. Stephen, Sadie, Katie, Owen, Heather, Justin, Trent, and Ezekiel.

KB: 7 SG: 6

Gwen sat crouched alone, by herself. The only two people she actually liked so far on the island had fallen asleep and as she thought about Trent, she slowly started to drift off into sleep. That's when Cody came over to her loudly. "Hey Gwen!" his big mouth had snapped her out of her somewhat sleep and she began to slightly frown.

Confessional (Cody): I could sense that it wasn't the best time to talk but I think it was WAY too late to go back so I just had to stay for as long as I could...which wasn't very long because I fell asleep.

KB: 6 SG: 6

Later in the twenty-four hour mark, Tyler was talking to DJ, trying to keep himself awake, when suddenly he began having illusions of horrible nightmare-ish things. He shreaked, and passed out. DJ shrugged and fell asleep soon after because he was also tired.

KB: 6 SG: 4

Forty-eight Hour Mark

KB: 2 (Gwen and Geoff) SG: 2 (Lindsay and Courtney)

Chris explained that with only two left on each team, he would make sure to torcher them all so that they would fall asleep. He began reading to them from the most boring book he could possibly find. The Canadian History book. It didn't take too long for the knowledge to get to Lindsay and make her drift off to sleep, and same for Geoff. With it one on one, Gwen versus Courtney, Chris decided that now would be the time to torture them more by drinking coffee right in front of them both. "CHEF! My coffee!" Gwen and Courtney gasped. At this point they were both very tired and would've loved coffee.

Ninty-six Hour Mark:

Chris explained that they were four days in and Courtney and Gwen were still going, half asleep, but still going. The sunshine settled on their non-moving bodies with a gentle breeze swaying them slowly side to side, and finally, Courtney fell over, making Gwen the ultimate winner of the Awake-A-Thon.

Bonfire Ceremony

Chris walked back and forth, eyeing over the Screaming Gophers. "Tisk, tisk," he tossed a marshmallow into his mouth. "This is quite unfortunate. I was hoping that you guys would learn that losing is bad by now." His face showed a dumb expression as he genuinely looked confused. "Whatever, let's get voting."

Heather turned over to Tyler and began to whisper something. "Vote for Courtney, okay?" Tyler looked back, puzzled. "But why?" He protested. "Because," she said frankly, "Otherwise, you'll pay."

Courtney watched as Heather grinned at her with fire in her eyes. With that, she hatched a plan to save herself. She knew people probably had no reason to vote for her or Heather tonight so, she had to make something up. She turned over to Justin. She whispered, "Justin," she quickly thought. "Heather said she hates you and your hair." Justin gasped and looked shocked. "WHAT!" Justin glared at Heather. "I don't take kindly to stuff like that."

Everyone was now looking at Heather and Courtney.


Tyler: Okay, so I'm not the smartest person alive...but I don't think Heather likes Courtney. As much as I don't want to vote for her, I also don't want to have to fight a girl, so Courtney.

Heather: One threat down. Courtney.

Justin: My hair... *sob* it's amazing...right? Heather doesn't seem to think so.

Ezekiel: I'm a little confused, but I love a good cat fight!

Chris looked around the campfire. "Marshmallows go to: Tyler, Justin, Ezekiel, Owen, Lindsay, DJ, Izzy, Harold and...." In the distance, Courtney and Heather saw Chef driving the boat of losers into port. "Hmm that's odd." Christ kept looking at the votes as if expecting a different outcome. "Well, this is awkward. It's tied." Courtney sighed. Her plan had worked. Heather sighed.

Confessional (Heather): I'll get her next time.

"So that means you're all staying, because I don't feel like having a tie breaker and two people going home so soon is...well bad for ratings."

Killer Bass: Stephen, Noah, Beth, Bridgette, Geoff, Gwen, Trent, Cody, Duncan, Katie and Sadie

Screaming Gophers: Tyler, Justin, Ezekiel, Owen, Heather, Lindsay, DJ, Courtney, Izzy and Harold


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