Total Drama Action

Chris picked nine other contestants and one new one, not including Stephen, Ezekiel, Gwen, and Duncan. Those were the first four to arrive' because they were the only ones that were in the water. The rest were unconscious. They arrived in this order, Ezekiel, Stephen, Duncan, Gwen. They each greeted Chris and talked to Chris about being on the same team. He said that is might happen. The other campers started to arrive next.                                            

Monster Crash

Chris told them nothing about the challenge except there would be a surprise. Then he laughed... and laughed, and laughed. Stephen and Gwen were together  when they found out the surprise was a giant dinosaur. But Stephen won the challenge and was very happy to be back. His parents were all better and he had Gwen to thank. Stephen picked the worse trailer for the boys so the girls could enjoy there stay.

Alien Resurr-Eggtion

Stephen and Gwen were working together to find the alien eggs. They went one way and heard a scream. They turned around and chef actually did that scream to trick them. At the end of the challenge it was Izzy, and Heather who were the captains.


Izzy: Courtney and Ezekiel

Courtney: Heather and Owen

Ezekiel: Izzy and Heather

Stephen: Lindsay and Ezekiel

Cody: Lindsay and Ezekiel

Lindsay: Cody and Courtney

Trent: Lindsay and Ezekiel

Gwen: Lindsay and Ezekiel

Eva: Lindsay and Ezekiel

Katie: Courtney and Izzy

Sadie: Courtney and Izzy

Owen: Stephen and Heather

Duncan: Owen and Heather

Heather: Stephen and Gwen

Lindsay and Ezekiel went home and didn't even show that they were trying to hide the fact that they failed epically. Because they were the first two out of the game.

Riot On Set

Heathers team was the Killer Grips. She had on her team her, Stephen, Gwen, Duncan, Cody, and Owen. The other team the Screaming Gaphers captain Izzy had on her team her, Trent, Katie, Sadie, Courtney, and Eva. Stephen was talking to Gwen while carrying everything up the hill. They talked about starting a alliance with other people a big one! So they would have no chance of going home. But they were also in the game to make friends they remembered. Stephen later found out they'd be acting and right away Gwen and him hugged! They had both been in a movie together and knew they had that challenge in the bag. They ended up winning the challenge. Just like last time too. Now the Screaming Gaphers would eliminate someone. "Brings back memories huh?" He asked Gwen she answered with a yes, and they went in their separate cabins


Izzy: Katie

Sadie: Izzy

Katie: Trent

Courtney: Katie

Trent: Izzy

Eva: Izzy

Izzy went to the lameozean like a pimp. She didn't even care. She was only there to have fun.

Beach Blanket Bogus

Stephen opened up his cabin door and ran out and talked to Chris about the challenge. Chris told him it would be "totally awesome". But he always says that. When he found out it was a surfing challenge Stephen sort of "passed out" he'd never even touched a surf board let alone go surfing! But the Killer Grips won the surfing challenge. They began with a wonderful sand castle for the next challenge but a member from the other team walked over it and said "whoops!" They ended up losing that challenge. Before Chris started the dancing challenge Owen, Heather, and Cody told him they were voting for him if they lost! Stephens head was spinning in circles! "Since when did Cody join her alliance?" He thought to himself. Stephen and Gwen were dancing agents Trent. They were winning until Stephen threw up. But luckily for him the bus broke down so no one went home that night.

3:10 to Crazytown

Stephen met up with Gwen before the challenge started. He said that him, her, and Duncan were in an alliance together. So they were safe, but the fact that Heathers alliance has three and his has three means there will most likely be a tie breaker. When the challenge started Stephen was up first to jump on the horse. He wasn't too scared because in the movie he was in he was a stunt double. He jumped off and landed right on the horse without a single scratch. They ended up winning that part of the challenge. For the next part of the challenge the Killer Grips were cattle and got roped almost instantly. For a tie breaker Chris had them have a hot sauce draw. " One," Chris continued. "Two, three!" Stephen hit Trent with hot sauce before he turned around. Trent acted like he wasn't scared, but he was terrified that he could get out right now.


Trent: Eva

Eva: Trent

Katie: Courtney

Sadie: Courtney

Courtney: Eva

For a tie breaker between Courtney and Eva they had to do another type of draw. But this time with a skunk. Courtney won that and sent Eva home vowing revenge on Courtney and her team.  

After Math I

Izzy was brought briefly on the show and was told something super secret. She started to giggle, then screamed "Yes!" The rest of the show was just them talking about things Chris said he might do on the show. put quotation marks on "might."

The Chefshank Redemption

Stephen talked to Duncan and Gwen about who to vote for if they lost the challenge. They said ether Cody, or Owen. But Stephen still couldn't believe that Cody was betraying him like that! Cody confronted him and said "I'm not really in their alliance! I just want to trick them into thinking that so I can help you vote them off!" Stephens face brightened after him saying that. For the prison food eating Stephen said he would do it, and he won that part of the challenge for his team. For the next part Owen was the one who volunteered to push the cart. He won that part of the challenge for the Killer Grips. Stephen smiled at Heather and she had a face full of disgust. The Screaming Gaphers were hoping it was a award challenge, but unfortunately it wasn't, they would have to eliminate someone that challenge. Before the elimination Katie and Sadie had a huge fight and turned on each other. Before the elimination ceremony Izzy returned to the Screaming Gaphers do to popular audience demand, but didn't vote that night.


Courtney: Trent

Katie: Sadie

Sadie: Katie

Trent: Sadie

Sadie didn't like the fact that she was going home that night, but Katie told her that she was sorry for everything she said about her, Sadie apologized also and then they both cried as Sadie was put into the lameozean.

One Flu Over The Cuckoos

Katie was crying all night and kept her whole team up. So when they had to wake up super early they all frowned at Katie who was still crying. The Killer Grips on the other hand got a great sleep and were ready to win. Until Chris explained what they had to do. Stephen had a super weak immune system. He knew he was going to be extremely sick. Stephen took the leg and head but right after Gwen took a piece she threw up and returned the piece. The Gaphers won the challenge, but before the elimination ceremony Stephen asked Owen why he takes orders from Heather, he shrugged then walked away. Then Chris said it was a non- elimination challenge. The Gaphers celebration stopped dead in its tracks after he said that.

The Sand Witch Project

Stephen was first up to scream. He screamed so loud that every window in that room shattered. Everyone else did awesome as well. For the next part Izzy (Screaming Gaphers) was dressed as a giant wolf. She didn't scare anyone, so the Grips ended up winning another challenge. Owen told Stephen that he was joining their alliance. Stephens eyes lit up with joy and he started dancing with Gwen.


Izzy: Trent

Trent: Katie

Katie: Trent

Courtney: Trent

Trent went home with his broken guitar and said that he would return soon. Katie and Izzy said to him "As if." And he frowned at them.

Masters of Disasters

Stephen told Gwen before the challenge started about Owen joining the alliance and that was why he danced with her. She smiled back and hugged him. The Killer Grips lost the challenge, but like the last time they lost it was a non-elimination challenge.

Full Metal Drama

Stephen was really stressed throughout the entire challenge, when he told Gwen what it was about her tone went from sweet and cuddly to concerned and serious. He told her that her parents needed him to come home and take care of his younger brother Felix while they went around the world, they told him that they knew he didn't want to give up the game but that he really had to. Gwen got super stressed when he told her to tell the alliance to vote for him so he could go home. She didn't have to and felt the urge to say no but she couldn't, the Killer Grips lost the challenge, and everyone knew who to vote for.


Stephen: Stephen

Gwen: Stephen

Cody: Stephen

Heather: Stephen

Duncan: Stephen

Owen: Stephen

Stephen said bye to everyone and Gwen then kissed him before he left. A faint smile crossed his face after that.

The Aftermath II

Stephen appeared on the aftermath and had his younger brother there. "So," Bridgette continued. "What brings you here so early? By that I mean what brings you to loser ville so early?" He told them about the call from his parents. The whole audience gasped. He didn't want sympathy, but he did want to see Gwen again some time. Then he got a phone call that basically made his day! His parents decided to call off the trip, but his face turned glum after he realized he was already eliminated. Geoff said that there was nothing he could do. But Bridgette whispered something in Geoff's ear then he told Stephen he would be coming back on the show.

Oceans Eight - Or Nine

Stephen confronted the abandoned film lot with joy. He was greeted by Gwen. But Chris said to make the teams more even he'd put Stephen on the Screaming Gaphers. He dimmed his smile, and walked over to their cabin. He knocked on the boys part of the cabin. Then he realised no one was in there because they were all getting ready for the next challenge. He entered it and put all of his things in order, then went out to where the challenge was being held. Courtney told Stephen to come over to her. When he got there she slapped him and said that he made a big mistake being Gwen's boyfriend, and that all the girls were going to vote for him. But when they were making their getaway cars Izzy, and Katie said they were on his side. The Screaming Gaphers ended up winning the challenge though.


Owen: Heather

Heather: Owen

Cody: Owen

Gwen: Heather

Duncan: Heather

Heather went home for her terrible robbing skills, and for being an annoying idiot.

One Million Bucks B.C.

Stephen was happy to wake up somewhere other than with a delinquent, in fact he didn't have to wake up with anyone! He was the only boy on that team. But Cody wasn't bad, he did miss his entire team but who cared what he wanted? For the challenge Stephen was using the flint and a spark sent his oiled cloths on fire, after he was put out he was sent strait to the medical tent, and was told to go to bed. His team ended up winning. He didn't know this, and when he woke up he heard Gwen saying goodbye. He first thought that she was getting eliminated so he got out of bed no matter how much it hurt. Then he found out she said bye because she didn't get the reward for the challenge, "It's a reward challenge!" He told himself then he went back to the medical tent.

Million Dollar Babies

Stephen was happy when he found out it was a sports challenge. As he was always good at sports. But no matter how much he wanted to win, he couldn't take the risk of Gwen getting eliminated, so before the challenge he told Izzy and Katie to vote for Courtney because he would be losing the challenge on purpose. They all agreed, and they all lost the challenge except for Courtney. Stephen looked at Gwen and smiled, but then walked into a wall and broke his nose. He went back to the medical tent.


Stephen: (didn't vote)

Courtney: Stephen

Katie: Courtney

Izzy: Courtney

Courtney really got steamed after she was the only one to win on their team and get eliminated. She screamed as she was dragged off to the lameozean.

Dial M for Merger

Stephen was walking with Gwen to her trailer, then when she fell in to a trap door he ran over and got shot with a tranquilizer dart and fell down the hole also. When Gwen ended up waking up Stephen she told them that Chris said there were no more teams. For the first part of the challenge Stephen went through the lasers carefully. He got the bag on the pillar, and went to the roof with Gwen and they defused the bomb. They both ended up going to the cheese factory.

Super Hero-ld

When the rest of the cast saw Stephens face with lipstick all over it they knew what happened. For the challenge Stephen called himself Mind Man, who could control things with his mind, make things out of thin air, and could go into dreams, Stephen got a 10. Gwen won the next part of the challenge and ended up winning invincibility after winning the challenge after the building jumping one.


Gwen: Izzy

Izzy: Katie

Duncan: Izzy

Katie: Duncan

Cody: Izzy

Stephen: Izzy

Owen: Izzy

Izzy went home because of Stephens alliance, she wasn't mad though. She hugged everyone and headed to the lameozean.

The Aftermath III

Geoff and Bridgette brought out Ezekiel, Heather, and Lindsay to talk about how they felt about Stephen. Ezekiel and Lindsay agreed that he was a nice guy and that he was a fair competitor. But Heather said that he was a back stabbing jerk, and that she would barf the next time she saw him. Then Geoff handed her a picture of him and she ran to a trashcan.

The Princess Pride

Stephen was crossing the bridge with Gwen and dodged everything that was thrown at him. But Gwen got hit in the head with so many tomatoes and was told to sit out, because she began throwing up. Stephen ended up beating Owen and won immunity. His alliance had almost all the votes, so they made their decision on who to vote out, and knew they would be able to vote that person out.


Katie: Duncan

Owen: Katie

Gwen: Katie

Stephen: Katie

Duncan: Katie

Cody: Katie

Katie headed out to the lameozean, and while she was heading out to the lameozean Stephen said that the alliance was over because they were the only people left. But secretly Gwen and him stayed in a alliance.

Get A Clue

Chris told everyone to get another persons DNA and hand print. Gwen switched with Stephen. Then they walked through the train and saw Chris murdered. They all suddenly accused everyone of it. But then they all looked for clues, after three out of the five DNA samples. Then Stephen had a good idea. He said "Think about it! Even though we don't have Codys or mine which got destroyed. Think about it! Cody wasn't anywhere to be seen today before right now, and I was with Gwen! So I didn't do it!" Stephen crossed his fingers, and Gwen saw this and blurted out that Stephen did it out of reaction. Chris stormed in and said Gwen won the challenge. So she got to do a movie with one person. She picked Cody. Stephens heart dropped.

Rock n' Rule

After Cody returned from the movie with Gwen Stephen wanted to strangle him. He said that he once had crush on her but he had already gotten over it before they went. That reassured Stephen and he was happy again. Gwen came up to him and said that she picked Cody because he was someone she didn't know as well as everyone else. Chris then announced that Ezekiel was coming back on the show. Stephen played his guitar when it was his turn, and he didn't hit any wrong notes. For the next part of the challenge Stephen walked the carpet posed and walked away, and for the last part he trashed the hotel room, and won immunity. Before the elimination ceremony Stephen got Cody to join the alliance.


Cody: Owen

Duncan: Ezekiel

Stephen: Owen

Ezekiel: Duncan

Gwen: Owen

Owen: Duncan

Owen ended up going home in the lameozean that night. When he got off of the lameozean he saw Izzy and he asked her out.

Crouching Duncan, Hidden Cody

For the first part of the challenge Gwen won, The second part Stephen was in a robot suit and Cody controlled it. He faced Gwen partnered with Duncan. Stephen won that part of the challenge. But the only person who did nothing was Ezekiel because Chris said he could chose to sit out one challenge. He decided to sit that one out. Duncan and Gwen had to in the end cook Stephen and Cody a banquet.

2008: A Space Ezekiel

Stephen floated in 0-gravity. He was so happy that he had made it this far with Gwen and the rest of his friends. They all were happy until Chris created a vacuum. Stephen saw Gwen about to get sucked out and blocked the hole right before she got sucked out. That meant he won that part of the challenge. Gwen stayed on the vomit vomit for forty seconds. But Stephen stayed on it for two minutes. Stephen really earned immunity. Cody secretly was going to vote for Stephen just so he could get to know Gwen more, he wasn't lying when he said that he over Gwen. But then he remembered Stephen had immunity and questioned why he almost did that.


Stephen: Duncan

Cody: Duncan

Duncan: Ezekiel

Gwen: Duncan

Ezekiel: Duncan

Duncan went home fighting but still went home without a doubt.

Top Dog

Stephen chose the bear, as he knew how to train one because at one point he was in the circus. The bear and him easily got along and got a 10 from Chris and a 10 from chef. Ezekiel had the shark and got a 5 from Chris and a 2 from chef. Gwen had the chameleon and got a 7 from chef and a 9 from Chris. Cody had the raccoon and got a 10 from Chris and a 9 from chef. In the next part of the challenge Ezekiel made it out first and won immunity. Stephen arrived second, then Cody then Gwen. Chris told them that instead of voting he'd just pick two losers who did the worst in the two challenges. "So that means, Ezekiel, you have immunity and Gwen you're already going home so it's Cody and Gwen who are going home." Said Chris. Stephen and Gwen hugged and said good bye. Stephen was now determined to win.

Mutiny on the Sound Stage

Gwen was waiting for Stephen to come rushing in through the door and win the game for her and him. But Ezekiel came in the room at the same time as he did. They both took a long breath and sat down. Chris said the rest of the cast would vote for who they wanted to win.

The Aftermath IV

All of the cast would ask the finalist of their chose one question and that would help them decide who to vote for. Before Stephen knew it Gwen asked not him but Ezekiel what he would do with the money. He said he wanted the money to pay for a house and so that he could get a better education. When someone asked what Stephen would do with the money he said he'd share the money with all of them equally . "Time to vote!" Said Chris.


Cody: Stephen

Eva: Ezekiel

Duncan: Stephen

Lindsay: Ezekiel

Courtney: Ezekiel

Gwen: Stephen

Owen: Stephen

Heather: Ezekiel

Trent: Stephen

Katie: Ezekiel

Sadie: Stephen

Izzy: Ezekiel

Chris announced one person had to revote. Sadie volunteered just before Izzy volunteered to change her vote. She changed her vote from Stephen to Ezekiel. Chris said Ezekiel won the vote and won Total Drama Action.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

Gwen patted Stephen on the back as they were walking down the red carpet. They met up with Tyler and Noah. They all said hi and greeted Chris after everyone got there. Sierra came over to Cody and started hugging him to death. Chris said they were unfamous, even the two winners of the first and second season. Everyone even Sierra got furious. They went on the bus. Stephen said that he wanted to drive. He drove them back to the abandoned film lot but the buses breaks wouldn't work and just passed the film lot was a pit. Stephen opened the door on accident and fell out. Gwen screamed. Luckily when the rest of the cast-mates got out Stephen was alive. Sierra brought someone named Alejandro along with her to see the drama. He was talking to Chris before they went on the bus. He acted suspisous, very suspisous. Gwen, Bridgette, Owen, Tyler, Beth, Sadie, and Ezekiel offered to help. Stephen told Gwen to stay with him. She said she would. Then Chris came in a helicopter and said the cast that was there was on the third season. Gwen thanked Stephen for making her stay with him there.

Qualified: Courtney, Eva, Stephen, Noah, Harold, Leshawna, Geoff, Sierra, Alejandro, Katie, Trent, Izzy, Duncan, Justin, Lindsay, Cody, Heather, DJ, and lastly Gwen.

Dis-Qualified: Bridgette, Owen, Tyler, Beth, Sadie, and Ezekiel.

Elimination Order From Winner to First Loser

Ezekiel: 1st (31/54)

Stephen: 2nd (50/54)

Cody: 3rd (41/54)

Gwen: 4th (50/54)

Duncan: 5th (49/50)

Owen: 6th (36/54)

Katie: 7th (32/54)

Izzy: 8th (26/54)

Courtney: 9th (36/54)

Heather: 10th (30/54)

Stephen: 11th (50/54)

Trent: 12th (19/54)

Sadie: 13th (22/54)

Eva: 14th (8/54)

Izzy: 15th (26/54)

Lindsay: 16th (23/54)

Ezekiel: 17th (31/54)

Getting to My Channel

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