Chris:Hello Chris Mclean here dropping season 1 of the new show Dream.There will be 12 Campers competing in this season.Each week someone will go home or win a prize.There are no teams your on your own so lets meet our campers.

Joey:Sup Chris. *High fives* Well i'm here to win ain't takin no for an answer

Chris:So now our next camper is Dawn.

Dawn:Hello Chris i am here to protect the animals with the money i shall win.

Noah:Great a show called dream.That makes it so much more exciting.

Bridgette:Hey i'm Bridgette whats up.

Tike:Whooooooooooo Tike in da house gonna win so just leave now cause there is no point in tryin.

Tommy:Ummm yeah so don't talk to me

Kyle:So this is it well um great.

Heather:Out of my way why am i last did i do something wrong.


Danny:Hey waz up homies

Joey:*whispers to Dawn* nobody says that

Courtnye:Hi i came to win but fun also

Noah:Yeah everyone came for fun not to win

Chris:Alright your first challenge begins in an hour so you have free time

Carly:(In confessional)So no cute boys better just quit

Heather:Alright Tike and Carly i want to form an alliance with you guys


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