Hey guys my name is MrQuest17 and I was wondering whether its possible that any of the contestants from the ridonculous race may possibly compete in Total Drama in the future. I personally think it's quite possible due to both shows taking place in the same universe.

However there is only a few contestants that could enter if you think about it because the main age of the contestants in Total Drama is usually 16 and so only people like: .Devin .Carrie .Taylor .Mickay .Jay .Tammy .Laurie .Miles .Mary .Ellodie .Ennui .Crimson .Rock .Spud .Kitty .Sanders .Mcarthur .Chet .Lorenzo I know that's quite a few characters from the ridonculous race but when you think about it there's 36 RR contestants in total and really 19 isn't a lot out of this lot of contestants. I would also like to know how you'd think these contestants may act around the contestants from Total Drama (that aren't competing on the ridonculous race) and how they'd fare with character like Heather and Duncan. Please leave your thoughts down below in the comments.

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