Hi guys, MrQuest17 finally back today with another blog. This time I'll be basing it on an idea for a season, that I had previously, called Total Drama Robotic Revenge. Today I'll be giving you the elimination order I devised for it and the episodes. If you haven't yet read my previous blog on the subject, then I suggest you go and do so before reading this one, otherwise it may get confusing. Ok here we go, I'll start with the elimination order for the season starting from the first eliminated:


  • 22nd- Phee- Eliminated in episode 1; Wawanakwa 2.0- for pausing mid-challenge to protest and costing his team an 1 hour penalty at the robot building area.
  • 21st- Conrad- Eliminated in episode 2; Aaaah-mazing disgrace-for cheering too loud at the last hurdle in the race, causing his team to be attacked by the robo-animals guarding the maze.
  • 20th- Buckner-Eliminated in episode 3;Robotic smash- Teased by Cindy into feeling guilty about destroying the robots and feeling depressed the rest of the challenge, ending in elimination.
  • 19th- Marsha- Eliminated in episode 4; Cheer for fame- After coming up with a bad fish related cheering routine, that failed in comparison to Sasha's master class cheer routine for the opposing team.
  • 18th- Chauntelle- Eliminated in episode 6; Mystic muddle- Thanks to creeping the rest of her team out throughout the challenge, with her weird mystical phrases and constant meditation.
  • 17th- Roxy- Quit in episode 7; Mount break-your-back- When she decided to bow out in place of Clay, during the opposing team's elimination ceremony, as she thought it to be the action that her super idol would take.
  • 16th- Clay- Eliminated in episode 8; Absolute Fort-itude- When he was caught up with masses of work from Chris, that he'd volunteered and for, taking time away from the fort building challenge, causing his team the Bellies to lose. In the end he had a broken spine and elimination.
  • 15th- Sasha- Voted out in episode 9; Luck of the claw- When her fear of heights got the better of her during the claw machine challenge, causing her to be eliminated.
  • 14th- Dexter- Eliminated in episode 10;right in the robo-nuts- After all his plans for his team's success ended up being flawed, causing him to have writers block and elimination.
  • 13th- She-bot- Voted out in episode 11; a tale of mecha love- when Cindy decides to exploit her sadness over not being able to find a partner, causing her to malfunction and destruct, losing her team the challenge.
  • 12th- Edmund- Eliminated in episode 12; Journey to the center of Wawanakwa- When his constant bragging began to get on his team's nerves and he distracted Brittany from doing the final lock puzzle, to get into the core.


  • 11th- Tyson- Voted out in episode `13; Merging and regurging- After he was caught being kissed by Cindy, in an attempt to break up Brittany and Tyson. Brittany told Nadine about this and in a similar fashion to Trent's elimination , everyone rounded up on him and he was eliminated.
  • 10th Alvin- Automatic elimination in episode 14; The Great Chase race- When he decided to stop 2 minutes from the end of the race, and he as he was in first he decided to practice his Elvis impersonation, causing everyone else to pass him.
  • 9th- Professor Spankmire-Disqualified in episode 16; It's alive, it's alive!!- When Chris discovered his true evil intentions for the show, and being sick of evil in the competition he removed him.
  • 8th- To-bot- Quit in episode 17; One robot love-After feeling like he had no more purpose in life and being badly damaged from water during the challenge.
  • 7th- Nadine- Voted out in episode 18; care and deception- When Cindy plants evidence on Nadine's T-shirt, while she is comforting her. This causes the rest of the contestants, with the exception of Brittany and boyfriend Austin, to vote her off after being fooled.
  • 6th- Bull- Eliminated in episode 20; The betrayal games- After Cindy broke the deal she made with him and left him stuck in a tire swing in the track, causing an automatic elimination.
  • 5th- Seth- Voted out in episode 21;Obstacle illusion- After Brittany and Austin made a temporary truce with Cindy to get rid of him, due to his poor treatment of the remaining contestants.
  • 4th- Angie- Eliminated in episode 23- The Great Robot hunt- When she was accidently flattened by the giant Mr Killer robot, stomping through the forest.
  • 3rd- Cindy- disqualified in episode 24- Pahkitew prospects- After making it back from Pahkitew island with no item, wrecking Chris' prized speed boat, destroying his newly rebuilt cottage with the broken propeller blade and nearly slicing Chris in half with it by accident..
  • 2nd(Runner up)- Austin- in episode 26; The Robo-brink- After he sacrificied himself at the very end to allow his sister to win.
  • 1st- Brittany- Winner in episode 26; The Robo-brink- After making it to the finishing line just before, she was about to be stomped on by Mr Killer in his giant robot, she bagged herself the one million dollar cash prize. In the alternate ending she would of sacrificed herself so that her brother, Austin could take home the money.

Well that's it guys what do you think of my elimination order and reasonings behind them, Please comment down below with your thoughts on it and I will as usual, see Ya later!

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