Hi, guys MrQuest17 back today with another blog. Now as you all know, recently I've been writing episodes for an idea of mine for a TD spinoff, based off of Big Brother, which I called Brother Bazonkers. Now recently in the latest episode, Episode 4-Day 4 Noam became the first eliminated contestant from the Brother Bazonkers House, So Today I will be doing an elimination table to symbolise the eliminations, each of which I will add to the table, as they come. Ok, so here we go, I'll be using the same style that the Ridonculous Race elimination table used.

Brother Bazonkers Contestants|contestants Contestant Label Rank Brother Bazonker Episodes|Episode
Noam|Noam The College Gamer 20th Day 4|Day 4
Kacey|Kacey The Goofy Fashion Blogger TBCth TBC|<span style="color:black;"TBC</span>
Duncan|Duncan The Delinquent TBCth TBC|TBC
Hughie|Hughie The Parole Officer TBCth TBC|TBC
Clara|Clara Female Alpha Twin TBCth TBC|TBC
Christian|Christian The Clicker TBCth TBC|TBC
Emmy|Emmy The African Model TBCth TBC|TBC
Kelsey|Kelsey The Former Convict TBCth TBC|TBC
Kylie|Kylie The Australian Red-head TBCth TBC|TBC
T.J.|T.J. The Australian bestie TBCth TBC|TBC
Flame|Flame The Hot Head TBCth TBC|TBC</span
Owen|Owen The Fart Machine TBCth TBC|TBC
Noah|Noah The Know-it-all TBCth TBC|TBC
Tari|Tari The Fashion Model TBCth TBC|TBC
Rhonda|Rhonda The over-eater TBC|th TBC|TBC
Tye|Tye The Male Alpha Twin TBC|th TBC|TBC
Lindsay|Lindsay The Dumb Blond TBC|th TBC|TBC
Cat|Cat The Cat-girl TBC|th TBC|TBC
Skull|Skull The weirdo Goth TBC|th TBC|TBC
Jimmy|Jimmy The Chiller TBC|th TBC|TBC

Well that's it guys, that's my entire elimination table, as I said before, I will be updating it as the eliminations roll by, so keep checking back for updates. Please leave your comments down below and as always I'll see ya later!

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