Yellow guys, MrQuest17 back tonight with another epic instalment of the Total Drama Presents Brother Bazonkers series. This will be the second eviction episode, so one more housemate will be heading home thanks to your votes in my previous episode, anyways please enjoy.

  • Brother Bazonkers: LAST TIME on Brother Bazonkers! our contestants let it all out! some were good, some were bad and others were just downright terrible, tonight one more housemate will receive the not so honourable discharge, so stick your butt to the seat and stay tuned, for this is BROTHER BAZONKERS!
  • Opening Theme plays*
  • Brother Bazonkers: Welcome back, we are now LIVE from Sunny Ontario, please welcome your glamourous hostess, Bridgette!
  • Bridgette enters into the arena, stepping out of the sliding doors and walking down the aisle*
  • Bridgette: Hi guys, welcome to our second live instalment of Brother Bazonkers, you've been watching over the last few days and casting your votes, but tonight one more housemate will be on their way. However before we do so, let's take a look back at the events from yesterday.
  • Brother Bazonkers:9:00AM- The housemates are just waking up, and Kelsey is called to the Journal Room*
  • Kelsey: Urggh, morning Brother Bazonkers, what do you want, it's way too early for this.
  • Brother Bazonkers: Kelsey, yesterday afternoon you caused an unmeasurable amount of damage to the lounging area of the house.
  • Kelsey: What, this is all this is about, listen! I was set-up, those twins took my special diary, I couldn't control my anger, but I did apologize.
  • Brother Bazonkers: We are aware of the circumstances Kelsey, however that does not chang the fact you caused over 1 grands worth of damage and endangered the lives of your fellow housemates, Brother Bazonkers does no tolerate this behaviour, so you will be placed in the time-out area for the rest of the day.
  • Kelsey: Urggh, fine I'll make up for what I did, and I promise I won't do that again, but only if you talk to those twins!.
  • Brother Bazonkers: Fine we will talk with the twins, later, but now you are dismissed, go and get your bags ready for your stay in the Time-Out Zone.
  • Kelsey angrily storms out of the Journal Room, as Lindsay and Kacey worrily watch their friend from around the corner*
  • Kacey: Boy, Kelsey's not sounding happy this morning, I hope she's ok.
  • Lindsay:Aww, you know her, K she's as tough as old nails and besides she's survived worst than a silly Time-Out Zone.
  • Kacey: True, you don't think it's because of the whole anger--outburst dilemma, do you?
  • Lindsay:Probably, I mean she pretty destroyed the sofa, and I don't want to talk about the TV.
  • Kacey: Didn't Skull do the TV thing?
  • Lindsay: Oh yeah, I guess he did, boy that guy is weird, why would he smash a TV like that.
  • In the Bedrooms, Skull is causing alarm, with his power-snoring*
  • Skull: YO MAMAMAMA, zzzz, YO MAMMAMAMA!!!!
  • Duncan: Jeez, louis won't that guy just shut up, I'm trying to get some shut-eye here.
  • Kylie: Aww, come on Duncan, you know that's just how Skull sleeps, just leave it be.
  • Emmy: Kylie's right, we don't need anymore spats in the house.
  • Noah: Well at least it ain't Cat, this is the first morning in the last few days, where she hasn't been sleeping on me.
  • Duncan: Hah, I guess even cat-girls have taste in the people they fall in love with.
  • Noah: Hey, look who's talking, you're in one of the most dysfunctional relationships on the planet, you and Courtney constantly bicker all the time and to think you married her.
  • Duncan: First of all, DON'T comment on my marriage, second of all don't say her name while we're here, I'm trying to get some time off from "her".
  • Noah: You do realize you just said that on international TV, right? all the cameras in the house, are recording all of this conversion.
  • Duncan: Oh man!, yep she's going to kill me for that, she's gonna have me.
  • Kylie: Aww come on, surely she wouldn't be that mad at you.
  • Duncan: Um, have you met my wife Kylie? Courtney is one of the most irritable people on the planet.

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