Hi guys, MrQuest17 back here today, to start my new blog/ TD Spinoff Series, entitled TDP:BB. This series will be based on the British Big Brother show and will be based in a studio in Southern Ontario. 18 contestants from all walks of life will have to live together for ten weeks, getting to know each other, making new friends and competing in crazy challenges to win rewards and prizes for life in the house. Brother Bazonkas will watch over the contestants in the house and Bridgette will present live from the Studio on live episodes. the Eighteen contestants will mostly be brand new characters, but there will be 5 TD veterans. Anyway's here's the contestants:

TD Veterans

Duncan(the Bad Boy)

Duncan is one of the TD veterans, having competed on 6 seasons of TD prior to competing on this show, as well as a dreadful performance with his best friend, Bunker on the Second Season of the Ridonculous Race. He's also a judge on Party it Up and has vowed to show the public  that he's still as tough as he makes out to be.

Lindsay(The Dumb Princess)

Lindsay, originally coming from Total Drama has signed up to do Brother Bazonkas with her friend TreyC, as a test of their friendship and Lindsay believes she'll be able to learn some important life skills from the experience and meet new friends. 

Owen(The Fart Machine)

Owen is competing in the Brother Bazonkas competition as his next Reality TV Show after TD and the RR, along with his best bud Noah. Owen is also competing to earn enough money to fix up his shared accomodation with the sisters; Emma and Kitty, after his Sleep Punching fits caused the place to become trashed. 

Noah(The Know-it-all)

Noah is Owen's best and sarcastic bud, that he lives with from TD and the Ridonculous Race, Noah has signed up with Owen, unbeknown to Owen, to watch over him and help him win the cash prize.

Kelsey(The Former Convict/Bridgette Hater)

Kelsey was originally a Hawaiian Surf Girl who lived in Hawaii, until it was discovered she was an internationally wanted thief, who was planning to marry Geoff, divorce him in a couple of months and take all his money, until however Bridgette discovered her evil plot and alerted the cops. She later went under the knife and has become an exact clone of Bridgette, bar the clothes. She wears Black overalls, with a yellow strike painted over her right eye. She's signed up to Brother Bazonkas as part of her parol, in order to rehabilitate and make some friends.


Kylie(The Aussie Red Head)

Kylie is a chic originally from Australia, who likes to surf, sing and have a good time. She's signed up with her best friend TJ, who has been her friend since infantry. Kylie's entered to find herself the perfect man and some new girlfriends who share her interests. Kylie has olive green eyes, bright red fish-tail styled hair and peach skin. She wears a light blue vest, with denim jean shorts. She also has a very strong Australian accent.

Clara(The Female Alpha-Twin)

Clara is one of two twins, entitled the Alpha Twins, along with her brother Tye. She comes from a family where you're expected to win at all costs and as such has gained and extremeley competitive nature. She often has to take the lead role in the Twin duo, due to Tye being very naive and silly at points, much to her chagrin. She has white bunched hair, with pale skin and black eyes. She wears an orange star hair clip in her hair, with a dark green Jumper, with an acronym for In it to win it is spellt out, just like her brothers. She also has a black plated skirt and long violet colored leggings.

Tye(The Male Alpha Twin)

Tye is the other member of the Alpha Twins. Being from a competitive family, Tye knows the glory of win and  would do anything to win, anything at all, however unlike his sister; Clara who is more intelligent than him, Tye finds it hard to properly strategize and needs to be lead by his sister, to help him further his game. He has White spiked hair and pale skin, with black eyes. He wears a green polo T-shirt  and Dark Blue denim jeans.

Noam(The College Gamer)

Noam, is a chubby and nerdy guy gamer, who likes to play video games, hang out with friends and eat pizza. Noam is very chilled and can often be counted on as a friend, he's also mid-way through his summer Break from College, so decided to sign up to Brother Bazonker to relax and find some guys to chill with. He is a young chubby guy with black messy hair, rectangular glasses, a tiny beard on his chin and peach coloured skin. He wears a Black and Red T-shirt with a red T going down the middle, as well as grey joggies.

Emmy(The Cousin)

Emmy is TD veteran, Nadine's cousin, who was mentioned in the TDATD Season 2 episode 2; "Little Baby in the Big City", where it was revealed she was getting married. Emmy has always strived to be a good role-model for her little cousin and seeing her cousin's success in showbizz, Emmy want's to show Nadine how much she's grown as a person too. However Emmy's not looking for romance, due to her current marriage to her childhood sweetheart. Like her cousin, she has tanned skin with black hair, which she has long, she also has black eyes. She wears an orange beany hat and red and white polka-dot vest, with olive mini-skirt.

Kacey(The Goofy Fashion Diva)

Kacey is one of Lindsay's closest friends in the fashion industry, the two both work as models in New York and have become very close. They are both equally as gullible and silly as each other and tend to be vulnerable alot, however they're just trying to have a nice time and enjoy the time they share in the house together. Kacey has slightly tanned skin, with brown eyes and browny blond hair done up in a pony tail. She wears a a dark lime green colored dress, with long dark purple tights, that go down to her ankles..

Skull(The Gothic Weirdo)

Skull is a very weird and creepy goth, who come from Prague. He's constantly creeping his fellow housemates out by, doing weird things and speaking absolute jibberish all the time. He's only come on the show, to help purify the Valley, or so he says. He wears part of skull on top of his head, with blue Spiked up hair, going through the skull's holes, orange eyes and peach skin. He wears a red neckscarf, dark blue, tattered vest and some make-shift paper shorts.

Flame(The Hot-Headed Overachiever)

Flame is an old college rival of former TD star; Lightning, the two were always competing in sporting tournaments together and each saw themselves as the best. Flame however took it to another level and just would not let Lightning win, and whenever Lightning did win, he'd strop about it. Flame was also one of the best looking guys  on the campus and had all the ladies flocking to him. He's also very good at leading teams to victory and likes to hang out with jocks and dudes. He has stuck brown hair, with hazel coloured eyes, and sunglasses overtop, as well as pink skin from being out in the sun too long. He wears a red unbotted shirt, with a hot-rod design on it and torn jeans.

TJ(The Nerdy Mate)

TJ is Kylie's best friend from Australia who's signed up to the show with her. TJ is very close to her and often tends to be very defensive around other guys, the two share an everlasting bond and use this to help them win challenges. TJ also has a crush on Kylie, even though all she wants from him is friendship and has said that she wants no relationship with him. However TJ still tries and this tends to get on her nerves. TJ is a short young man, with a pair of glasses, no hair and peach skin. He wears an orang shirt with a boomerang design on it, along with some cream colored shorts.

Hughie(The Parole Officer)

Hughie is Kelsey's parole Officer, who is forced to compete with her and make sure she get's up to no trouble while she's on the show. Hughie is very opinionated and has a firm grip on the rules, he does not tend to tollerate bad behaviour and will punish if neccessary. As Kelsey's parole officer, it would mean that should he be evicted, she would be too and vice versa. Hughie is a short, chubby old man, with long grey hair and large grey beard and mustache ensemble, he wears a casual cop's uniform.

Cat(The Cat Girl)

Cat is a huge cat-lover, she absoluteley adores them, so much so that she's actually started to live and act like a cat, walking on all fours and meowing from time to time and cleaning herself with her tongue. She's also made herself a pink cat-suit and wears it all the time. Her Cat-like instincts are often very useful in challenges. She also has long blog hair, that's seen poking out of her costume, along with black eyes and peach skin.

Tari(The Danger Prone Diva)

Tari, is a massive diva and runway model outside of the house. She usually models all sorts of different dresses and tends to get panpered alot. However this lifestyle has made her very naive and as an effect, she does not tend to look where she's going whenever she's walking normally, she's looking up at the sky, as if there were a camera there and this causes her to trip and fall quite often. She has long puffy blong hair, with a blue head band, long sparkly light blue dress and white silvery gloves that she wears, she also has olive colored eyes, as well as peach coloured skin and is very tall.

Jimmy(The Chiller)

Jimmy is one of the most layed back guys imaginable, he takes life at his own pace and encourages everyone else to do the same, He tends to work as a relaxation guru at the Ontario City mall, where he helps people to regulate their stress. He's signed up to Brother Bazonka's to find some friends, who share his interests and to find more people he could help with his teachings. He has peach coloured skin,  brown stubbly hair and olive colored eyes. He wears a black and grey top, with a brown and gold belt and some light blue jeans.

Well that's it guys, those are the contestants who will be entering the house this Monday, hope you all have enjoyed learning about the characters and can't wait to get started on the series, during this coming week. I will also be revealing a special twist during the Monday Premiere episode blog, so stay tuned for that. Anyways hope you enjoyed and please leave your comments down below and as always see ya later!

P.S- Sorry the for the late post-time, I've just had alot going on today.

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