Yo Questers, Quest here with the second instalment in my Oskayi Island character reviews. Recently Chester has posted the next audition tape for the series, this time being the audition of the contestant known as Isabella. As always I'll give you their official description below and then I'll give you my own thoughts on the character


Official Description

Isabella is a contestant in Total Drama Oskayi Island. Description as taken from Crush Productions website:"Isabella is by far the most adorable 14 year old you’ve ever seen but not only does she rock she knows how to kick a lot of online but!

Isabella is a gamer girl who is famous for being one of the youngest female gamers to almost reach a pro level - yeah not so adorable now is she - or even more if you ask me.

Isabella is very naive and honest which makes her an easy target for those who might want to exploit her. Isabella takes life by the horns and go right for what she wants and that’s usually the win!

Isabella signed up for what she thought was a Pro Gaming Reality TV show - but she’s actually going to Total Drama but I don’t think anybody is ready for this pint sized adorable little girl".


Isabella is a character that reminds me a lot of Sam; the guy gamer from ROTI, in the basic fact that she's a pro-gamer and has high expertise of the area. When looking in depth at the character I also see traits of Courtney's, especially when she lists off her skills, to me this expresses a kind of superiority complex. One fact in particular that interests me about this character would be the fact that she'd be the youngest character to have competed on Total Drama(not the Ridonculous Race).

Isabella's style and look also reminds me a little bit of Gwen's kind aesthetic/character design, with Isabella having pink hair with black highlights, as well as her clothes that bear slight resemblance to what Gwen has worn during the show. Overall I believe this character is basically a mixture of four characters; Courtney, Gwen, Zoey and Sam(five if you include Junior). If I'm to be brutally honest I'm not sure how far this character would get, initially I thought she'd be an early out, but then looking at Chester's further plans for the character, it casts doubt over that opinion. In the end I really like this character, probably my favourite of the three contestants posted so far.

Anyways guys that's it for another Oskayi Island Character Review, please do leave your thoughts down below and see you in a few weeks time; for my Nicole Character Review. As always Quest on and see ya later.

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