Hi guys, Mrquest17 back again today, with another scoresome blog for all you today. Now a while ago now, I started doing blogs for a series I like to call Total Drama After the Drama, a series all about the personal lives of our favourite TD and RR contestants after their time in the competition or between seasons. Now I know these blogs received good praise and comments, so today I'm opening up a poll. This poll will help me to  decide which type of blog to do and what ideas I should use. Here's the ideas I've come up:

Total Drama After the Drama; Seasons 8-10 blog

This will detail the final 3 seasons of Total Drama After the Drama and will help to finish up the series, they'll feature a list of all the episodes, their numbers, their titles and a brief description. Each of these seasons would have 26 episodes.

TDATD Movie blogs

One idea I've had is an idea for a movie based on the show, that would air on Cartoon Network, actually I've had an  idea for two movies.

The first one would be called TDATD: Comet Crashers and would be about the TD gang getting invited to a fancy gala at the Ontario national space centre, where they would watch a special crystal comet passing earth, but Brody's dad and his portly friend, who are curators at the museum would want to use the comet's special abilities to take over the world and vow to collect all the comet shards and to do so frame the TD gang, now Brody and Geoff are the only ones left to save earth.

My second TDATD movie would be called TDATD: The  end of TD and would feature a plot about how Total Drama began and will feature the gang, learning why it was brought to fruition and stop a villain from Chris' past, who wants to destroy all of reality for what happened to him, during his and Chris' youth and early years in showbizz.


These blogs will be done in a series and will be about the episodes from TDATD, they'll feature a transcript from each episode, where I'll write in detail about the episodes and what happens in them.

Total House Survival

This series isn't actually anything to do with TDATD, but it has links to it and the main series, this series would be a new spinoff to TD, based off of Big Brother and would feature eighteen  contestants, living in the Drama House for 10 Weeks. Most of the contestants would be new, but there would be some TD veterans, such as Dunca, Lindsay, Owen, Noah and Kelsey from TDATD. Bridgette would host the show and the format would be similar to Big Brother UK. I would do these blogs as episode blogs, where I'd give you the highlights of each day and then every Friday you'll be able to vote one of the contestants out of the house, that'll take place on the Saturday after.

Well that's it guys, you have these four different options to choose from, the vote will close on Wednesday of this week and the winning blog series, I'll start to post this coming Friday. Please vote in the poll below and leave your comments down below.

Pick a Blog

The poll was created at 14:42 on August 14, 2016, and so far 12 people voted.

Update: This poll is now closed, thank you all for voting, those of you who did and I can officially reveal the winner is Total House Survival, that I'm going to rename Total Drama Presents: Brother Bazonkers and I will start on Friday with an introduction blog, introducing contestants, the house and the format, thanks.

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